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Zhuhai air show China air force high-tech equipment system debut – Beijing November 1st, visitors in the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition site.         photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Jia Yuchen         November 1st morning, the F – 20 through the air, straight to the sky, China has independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter in the eleventh session of the Zhuhai air show at the opening ceremony of the first public appearance.         known as the "China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition Zhuhai airshow" ushered in the twentieth year, gradually developed into a world famous airshow. At the airshow aerospace products, weapons and defense technology, represents the latest scientific and technological achievements, but also reflects China’s aerospace industry, from low-end to high-end from imitation tracking to the rapid development of independent innovation.         F – 20 fighter jets and other popular products debut, Chinese manufacturing "aerospace" shine         the show, only a showcase of China aviation industry plan will have military aircraft, civil aircraft, helicopters, general aviation aircraft, UAVs and other 11 categories 160 the number of core aviation products and systems. In July this year, large transport aircraft fitted Chinese developed transport – 20 in the air show for the first time, global concern F – 20 debut. To transport to 20 large transport aircraft, fighters – 20 fighter and "falcon Eagle" fighter as the representative of the "20 series" cross generation equipment, marking the Chinese aviation industrial equipment for 20 years from the second generation to the fourth generation leap.         China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation booth, long march five big rocket, Mars, Mars Mars Orbiter China plan, implementation of goddess in the moon sample return mission five spacecraft model, are also show "popularity" products.         commercial space is a hot spot in the field of aerospace. China Aerospace Science and industry group, the exhibition of China’s first low-cost, rapid integration, fast track innovation characteristics of small solid launch vehicles – fast boat one. It is the world’s first satellite integrated design of a small solid rocket, with "space rapid response capability, if necessary, can be in a few days or even a few hours to the satellite. Fast boat series of rockets will become an important support for commercial aerospace.         it is worth noting that in August this year, the newly established Chinese aero engine group for the first time exhibitors, showing important products and key technologies in the field of Chinese Hangfa, the "ERON" and "Jinsha" and 1600 kW three turboshaft engine for the first time in physical appearance, caused concern.         domestic high-end unmanned aerial vehicle display, unmanned system technology.相关的主题文章: