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Zhongshan University Professor: market hot VR is not really VR if you are in New York, I was in Beijing, at an address in the virtual world. 5 minutes later we walked across the earth, patted his shoulder and shook hands. Can this be achieved? Or shortly after a morning, you can not even wash after getting up, comfortable wearing slippers, can be held meetings with colleagues do not go out. Is it possible to achieve this? All this is about the future of the world’s subversive ideas, it is possible by VR (virtual reality) and ER (extended reality) to achieve. August 28th, in the understanding of the next nineteenth lectures, Professor Zhai Zhenming, director of the laboratory of human-computer interaction, Zhongshan University, ER from VR to the imaginary path map, depicting the future of the world’s infinite possibilities. Disruptive technology, a complete change in human life, from birth to the omnipresent, often need to experience the test of time. From the birth of television to the prosperity of the television industry, the human use of 30 years; from the mobile phone to the ubiquitous mobile phone, in the past 40 years. So, from the "VR first year" in 2016, to everyone can have their own "Afanda", how many years? The market is not a real hot VR VR not long ago, Google head Schmidt declared that "the Internet is about to disappear, connecting people from the text image communication into objects and objects in the future, the Internet will be replaced by the" Internet of things ". Zhai Zhenming put forward the concept of ER. VR is a new means of human-computer interaction, which combines computer graphics technology, computer simulation technology, sensor technology, display technology and other science and technology, to achieve the creation of virtual information environment in the multi-dimensional information space, to experience personally on the scene; and ER is the virtual reality and Internet integration, to create artificial environment, to achieve seamless. Zhai Zhenming explained that under the support of ER technology, people will be through the "one for", which is similar to the movie "Afanda" in Afanda, in order to achieve the virtual scene and real world seamless – the world of science fiction seems to have to in the real world we open a door. In the new world of the future, many of the basic concepts of man and human life are to be redefined. The exploration of virtual reality began in the 50s of last century. If it continues to explore in 70s called "VR1.0", the 90s "VR" the father of Lanier with the second round of upsurge called "VR2.0", the 2016 start of the "VR year", is already third times in history. The face is now the most popular "VR concept", Zhai Zhenming believes that many are not true VR technology. He is not alone in this feeling. Prior to the convening of a high-level VR summit, there are many experts complained to him: now what is called VR! Zhai Zhenming directly gives the VR three key words: 3D, interaction and immersion. He stressed that the first element of VR technology is 3D, must be two eyes imaging. Human eyes, the two sides look at the same thing is not the same, so as to form a 3D image, in order to have a sense of space. VR to virtual the entire physical world, 3D is one of the key elements. The second is to have interaction, there must be.相关的主题文章: