Zhao Bingrui Chen Ergou on the snow mountains tonight (video) bucket beast-pullip

Zhao Bingrui "Chen Ergou" tonight on Chen Ergou’s "bucket beast snow mountains evildoer life" ultimate trailer! Blood arena fight grassroots entertainment news by Tencent Zhao Bingrui starred in the legendary IP super network drama "Chen Ergou’s life" evildoer will be landing video Tencent exclusive broadcast tonight at 20:00 strong. It is understood that this is the young actor Zhao Bingrui’s first network drama as a passionate people wading in the play, "Chen Ergou flexible interpretation of" Legend of the image. According to reports, in order to restore the height of the original classic scene, the crew went to the northeast of Changbai Mountain, were filmed in extreme cold environment, Zhao Bingrui also overcame harsh environmental difficulties, showing the best history of struggle for the audience interpretation of a modern arena of the little people. Zhao Bingrui "Chen Ergou" interpretation of the ultimate heroism "sound and play" won the praise it is reported that the actor Zhao Bingrui won the honor for the first time after the movie network drama, a deduction from the way to the remote and backward place blurred city blood "residents" Chen Ergou, although no identification no background, but has a vicious and ambition not to lose in people with the fear of death, tenacity, for the audience interpretation of "people do not make me prisoner, if the person make me and I will become" of old spirit. Prior to exposure of the trailers, Zhao Bingrui burst strength, and acting in the play the role of all threads neatly tied up to leave home, when fighting desperately fell dejected; isspicy cried mother die; knowing that Zhao Bingrui will describe delicate emotional character, superb acting watch people. Handsome handsome handsome face, plus a magnetic low smoke old voice voice, so that all the fans have a surprise exclamation: "Zhao Bingrui’s’ eye ‘moving, acting online, is a strength of the actors, but the voice is so nice to break, do not sound or pity!" "Look ahead point mapping is burning and explosion, I immediately said to her husband, what time come ah Premiere tonight!" Zhao Bingrui "Chen Ergou" shot "was" suffering "fry" northeast mountain beast is understood to play in order to restore the height of the original classic scene, the crew went to the northeast of Changbai Mountain shooting. The local temperature of extreme cold, night temperature is more than and 40 degrees below zero pressure, according to Zhao Bingrui said, "when the night shoot frozen to numb the skin, even said difficult lines, in order to prevent the performances when stiff facial expression is not natural, a lot of people in my pocket will bring a bottle of Erguotou cold, not to drink wine to shoot we all feel like, experience of life and death, so we work together in Changbai Mountain have become the actors’ brothers’." It is reported that, in the premiere tonight in the story, is to the northeast of Changbai Mountain opened the prelude to the story scenes, Zhao Bingrui will remove the actor aura, "residents in remote villages incarnation of Chen Ergou", the audience staged a thrilling "shooting war", a small figure with the mountains of beast array PK, who is the mountain tiger, who in order to compete in the arena? All suspense, do tonight 20:00 Tencent video waiting for you to announce!相关的主题文章: