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Zhang Li tears don’t "my new clothes" or to designer again – Sohu   entertainment; Zhang Li leibie "my new clothes" Sohu entertainment news produced by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) this week will usher in a new fashion theme — rock the night. Melody song Joey Yung as the power goddess join high turn the audience dancing. Different from Joey Yung Madden stage, Zhang Li’s "my new clothes" farewell show was somewhat sad, the goddess was also stage tears, feeling a lot. This week my "new clothes" theme for the night of rock, resident guest Zhang Li partner new designer abou reveals a small fresh campus rock fashion show for the audience. At the end of the bidding links, Linhai will host goddess was left alone on the stage. Originally, this is Zhang Li "my new clothes" stage of the farewell show. Heard here, the audience and the buyers are sorry, the atmosphere on the field suddenly solemn. But I did not expect Zhang Li to use a do not be so serious to defuse the embarrassment of the scene. In the program, the goddess of straightforward straightforward character also impressed the audience, it also let Zhang Li ring countless powder. Talked about his intention to join the program, Zhang Li on the stage in a choking up "in fact design is my dream of six years ago". The original goddess has his own dream in the show floor design, also often imagine himself in the future will become a designer. In order to further their own dreams, Zhang Li worked in the fashion show afterwards took a designer Xie Road, in the empty show to take a bow. And the audience here is also the goddess of the spirit of the dream to adhere to the move, Zhang Li also excited to tears. In addition, participated in the program since Zhang Li let staff to help buyers write down comments on the design of the original goddess so seriously! On the stage, Zhang Li is committed, I hope the next time I can return to the stage as a designer." The host Lin also funny quipped "and we will help you more severe oh!" I did not expect the goddess but then the word "come, hurt each other!" The goddess so jump character also let the audience smile through tears. What the goddess "my new clothes" farewell show will be wonderful performance? Zhang Li will be on the stage the message what parting speech? Please lock this Saturday at 10 p.m. Eastern TV "my new clothes", see the handsome goddess Zhang Li conquer the audience!相关的主题文章: