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Zhang Hanya: investors should support the innovation effort at the end of 8, the volt a few days Beijing has a dull autumn, this is also a thought patters of day, a quiet summer thought waves again. The afternoon of August 30th, Four Seasons Hotels Beijing, 2016 financing China industry chain Investment Summit was held, and the giant investment parties gathered here, in the grasp of industry development pulse, insight into the industry investment opportunities under the theme, to discuss the development of machine industry in Chinese under the background of global financial innovation and how to drive the industry chain efficiency. The industrial chain investment combination in one essay here. 2016 investment in China’s industrial chain Investment Summit in recent years, industrial investment from point to point, investment in the project, and gradually transferred to the industrial chain investment. The stronger the relevance of the industry, the closer the industrial chain, the continuous optimization of the supply chain, the higher the efficiency of resource allocation. Through the integration of the industrial chain and the supply chain, the enterprises with different strengths can be linked to achieve the best value in all aspects of the industry chain, and then achieve the overall optimization of the industrial chain. And based on the supply chain of the industry, the integration of the value chain can get the cost advantage. In the promotion of a series of national policy support and Internet plus the wave of the parties, including financial institutions, industry chain enterprises, electronic business platform, in the main, the use of their own advantages in the industrial chain finance and supply chain finance, launched a full cooperation and competition. From the actual situation, the use of different financial instruments in the industrial chain upstream and downstream, can create the best value. Industrial chain finance and supply chain finance play an important role in opening up the relationship between industry barriers and industrial chain. The summit sponsored by the China Journal of finance, the source Kun Holdings Co, China Federation of logistics and purchasing Committee as a support unit of the summit. At the beginning of the meeting, as the organizers of the financing of the Chinese magazine producer Zhu zhu. Zhu Shan believes that in the current economic situation, both investment and entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, which also produced a false and impetuous, in such an environment, but also to pay attention to the value of mining. Zhu Shan said that there are two opportunities to grasp, a cross-border opportunities. He said that the current domestic relative high valuation and exchange rate factors, making overseas markets have some real investment targets. "Looking for domestic enterprises and the market can have a synergistic effect of overseas investment targets worth exploring". While in China, on the one hand, it is necessary to explore new investment opportunities in the new economic field, on the other hand, we can also explore the use of capital to integrate the industrial chain and create new value". Zhu Shan said, no matter what kind of form, is the investment return to the beginning of a heart – focus on products and services; is the organic integration of industry and Finance — to open up the industry chain, to build a healthy ecosystem. Primary market so, then the macro perspective of investment is also unsatisfactory. Mr. Zhang Hanya, President of the NDRC China Investment Association as the first keynote speakers from the macroeconomic point of view expressed their views, Zhang Hanya through the comparison and analysis of the data, that impact on the national economy theory相关的主题文章: