Xu Yuyu’s last conversation with his father-jinshen

Finally, a dialogue between Xu Yuyu and father’s exposure to the original title: the last time Xu Yuyu dialogue with his father: "let’s go home," "well" in September 26th, after a rain, the door of the Xu Yuyu Luozhuang District of Shandong city in Linyi Province, the pomegranate tree has the dark red pomegranate, bending the branches. In Shandong, in front of a pomegranate, meaning family multi fu. More than a month ago in August 18th, here is particularly lively. Xu Yuyu received the admission notice of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, her parents informed a lot of relatives and friends, to celebrate the family of second college students. Xu Yuyu and sister Xu Lin, Xu is so many relatives of the few college students. At the dinner table, a lot of people have toast blessing, cheerful Xu Yuyu laughing, his father Xu Lianbin drank a lot of wine. In any case, one family can not think, second days of the end of the party, a telephone fraud, not only will be 9900 yuan tuition Xu Yuyu cheat light, also took the young life — the 18 year old girl in the evening, Xu Yuyu alarm is fraud, on the way back home to be interviewed, because too sad, cause cardiac arrest and remain unconscious. Died in August 21st, only 18 years old. Two daughters, is his greatest wealth and imagination of different. Xu Yuyu’s house is not in the remote mountains. An approximately five meter high arch, located in Xu Jia Tan Cun stands in the Luozhuang District of the village. In the four hundred or five hundred households in the village, almost every family built a two storey building, some wealthy families also parked luxury car door. The position by the tan Cun Xu lived in a small two storey building. Paul and Xu Yuyu Tan Village Xu Yuyu home to get the admission notice after the warm atmosphere compared to now Alex is another scene. The Red Lodge closed, Xu Yuyu mother Tuiji, simply put himself at home, no longer go out. "Tinnitus, dizziness, insomnia, feeling every day, always in front of the spirit has left the body muddle along without any aim, magic is the children live ran about the scene." Xu Lianbin, who has never had a high blood pressure, has risen to 150mmHg in recent days, which is a state of high blood pressure. Build a house spent a lot of money to support two daughters to school, Xu Lianbin stressed he is a bricklayer, "the work is not what security, live on dry, can not live on the rest. Average monthly income of 3000 yuan". When Xu Lianbin was young, he smoked and drank. In order to maintain his family, he gave up all his life. He still owes some debt. And his two daughters, is his greatest wealth. Xu’s life just to get better, in fact, Xu’s life just to get better. Eldest daughter Xu Lin has graduated from college, worked in Singapore for a year, able to self-sufficiency, work has begun on the right track. Daughter Xu Yuyu is a well behaved child, usually live frugally, learning is also very good, in the high school has to apply for the local authorities issued grant. Although Xu Lianbin has never told her daughter about the economic situation at home, but Xu Yuyu still have some awareness of the family’s constraints. So Xu Lianbin gave Xu Yuyu a meal相关的主题文章: