Xiong Chaojing color string off Manchester City to win the fight against Leipzig-tonya mitchell

Xiong Chaojing Choi on: Manchester City win Leipzig recovery shall prevent Wendan recommendation: Sunday 022 Premier League Manchester city VS Southampton 2016-10-23 20:30 after the beginning of the season the scenery, Manchester City (data) recently gradually fall into the trough, the week in the Champions League group phase 0:4 defeat at the foot of Barcelona, the team in all competitions in 4 consecutive games 2 flat 2 negative have not won, were lost 10 ball, defensive line, exposed the larger problem, the players of the coach Guardiola high closing down tactics and transmission control system does not adapt, but returned to the league, Manchester City still has a good competitive main striker Aguero this season in excellent condition, has now scored 5 goals in the league in addition, Stryn, de bruyne attacks such as hand assistance, Manchester this game without scoring worry, and Southampton League Home court beat Burnley, recent events had 5 wins, 2 unbeaten record, state is very brave, even during the 6 games zero closure opponents, the defensive end is as strong as iron, the disc to the Lord let a ball ball half the high water started to Manchester the recent downturn trend, the upper plate intervention does not exist small pressure, having upper level continue to decline, many companies reduced disk main let a ball pattern, to create the hanging wall unable to sign, further induced footwall the influx of funds, the game winning home court Manchester recovery, SMG Shengping Fu Bo found single play suggestions. On Sunday 053 Spanish Villarreal VS 00:30 Villarreal 2016-10-24 Las Palmas in the Cara sports week peace group phase in the UEFA Cup game at the tournament, the team new season 5 wins, 6 unbeaten, both ends have a good play, from the data, home court fight yellow submarine trustworthy, recently the tournament 4 consecutive home court tournament undefeated, and the team in the week in the UEFA Cup, Musacchio, Gaspar holiday and Cheri Scherf, York’s 7 players, physical fitness has not been affected, Las Palmas’s recent performance is also good, the last 5 rounds of the League lost only 1 games, during the draw a strong Real Madrid offensive was particularly eye-catching however, note that this season is too dependent on the Las Palmas home court has 4 linked foraging Game 2 wins, 2 unbeaten home court at the same time, 4 guest field just come back with a victory, the disc to the Lord let a ball high water starting data belongs to a reasonable scope, the note after the plate water level continued to rise, investors have become the main dish for half a pattern, but the scale is not much adjustment end the Asian plate, deliberately set to let the ball to the case, the game has a yellow submarine home court victory, SMG recommended his radio play Shengping fu. Sunday: 015 Spanish gall Bo featured Viggo VS of La Coruna 2016-10-23 18:00 Club CELTA’s recent decline significantly, in the week in the Europa League group phase and Ajax shake hands after the team the last two games 1 flat 1 negative without a win, after four straight trend end, data from the point of view, the decline in the quality of the defense is. The main reason for the team score lower, the last two games total)相关的主题文章: