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The Xinjiang son doll and Ma Yun — Xinjiang channel — original title: Turpan grapes singing | Xinjiang son doll and Ma Yun that M J Thapa? Yushan each painted a portrait of Ma Yun at idol gourd is very excited. (map) guided by the national Internet Information Office, CO sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Xinjiang Internet information office and the Turpan Municipal Committee of the "Turpan grapes singing" large network cultural activities came to "hamasuna city" Shanshan County tuyugou Township, there is a light electricity supplier entrepreneurs, caused the attention of reporters he is through their own efforts to change the lives of farmers here. Today, the young moose Thapa? Yushan biggest wish is to see Ma Yun with his idol, the store only to Ma Yun in the gourd quietly waiting for its true owner, for Yushan, Jiamusi tapa? Ma Yun is not only a successful entrepreneurial idol, Ma Yun entrepreneurial story and entrepreneurial spirit is he the face of doubts the most powerful spiritual force. Originally my wish is to sell the gourd to Ma, now I want to give him!" M J Thapa Yushan says. Shanshan County tuyugou township has a local artist after meticulously painted gourd tuyugou village Prince e-commerce center, emblazoned with the picture of Ma Yun, vivid, very realistic. The owner of the gourd, the head of the e-commerce center M J Thapa, Yushan, all the people who love and want to buy this gourd always love to say this sentence. His wayward let a lot of people do not understand, but he was only 18 years old, has become a well-known local e-commerce leader, but also so many people thumbs up for him. This is a heart already walked into the hearts of local residents. The 2016 grape harvest season, musse tapa business shop is very popular in Yushan? Business, he worked with the SF express, the high quality grape hometown, directly to the shop customers, business shop grapes, farmers from the edge of the purchase price is 16 yuan per kilogram, far higher than the normal selling price, farmers fall over each other through the electronic commerce center sales of grape. In addition to these, the electronic commerce center also placed a lot of goods, clothing, a motorcycle battery, also undertake behalf jiaodianhuafei functions, many villagers through e-commerce online shopping center, e-commerce center is their delivery address. The farmers through the electronic commerce to enjoy the convenience of a young musse tapa of duty in Yushan?. In the hearts of young people, the future of e-commerce immeasurable. At first, musse tapa of e-commerce? Yushan is not interested in. In 2015, Yushan Jiamusi tapa? Together with his brother to participate in the exhibition of agricultural products sell the home characteristics of agricultural products, many merchants are asking his shop business, hoping to purchase their products through the shop, which have been found not how reliable the network shopping musse found in Yushan, the hometown of Tampa? The characteristics of sales of agricultural products has to be developed stage of e-commerce. Come back from the exhibition, M J Thapa, Yushan, with the help of his family, began to organize electronic business相关的主题文章: