Xiao Jingxin interest rates unchanged gold to do more to see the rise of crude oil asphalt callback cagliari exchange

Xiao Jingxin: the interest rate unchanged at most gold financial data and events with high crude oil asphalt callback to do more clients view the latest market focus today (Thursday September 22, 2016) (Japan for the autumn equinox closed for a day) 18:00 British CBI industrial orders in September to September 17th when the difference of 20: 30 week jobless claims 21:00 FHFA in July the price index, the European Central Bank [micro-blog] President Delaki speech 22:00 U.S. August conference board leading index, U.S. August existing home sales in the total number of 22:30 America to September 16th week EIA natural gas inventory at 2 am on Thursday, the Fed announced to keep short-term interest rates unchanged, gold rose, intraday rose over $20 oz, short-term violence for beauty is the highest intraday probe to $1334.80 an ounce. COMEX most active December gold futures contract in the Beijing time 02:00 minutes a volume of 6056 hands, worth more than 800 million dollars in buying the short-term spot gold rose $14. FOMCA said in a statement, although employment growth is steady, strong growth in household spending, but commercial fixed asset investment remains weak, inflation indicators remain low based on the market, the economy is expected to gradually raise interest rates can only guarantee. FOMC policy statement is expected to raise interest rates in 2018 3 times, the Fed’s lattice chart hinted before the end of 2016 will raise interest rates once. Chairman Yellen said in a press conference, the federal judge the reasons for raising interest rates increased; if no new risks appear, this year is expected to raise interest rates once, most FOMC members indeed expected this year will raise interest rates again. Yellen stressed that the decision not to raise interest rates does not mean that the lack of confidence in the economy, this week does not raise interest rates because of the idle employment market and the growth rate of inflation. And, given that interest rates are near zero, the Fed is more cautious. For the future path of interest rates, Yellen said there is no default path monetary policy, the gradual increase in interest rates to allow interest rate normalization. Spot gold technology form up the daily charts yesterday is the first Yang K gold daily, to get rid of the grand line, the recent consolidation. The last strong ending, the daily closing entity Dayang column, see homeopathy Lianyang upside! Back again to stop the three thousand mark, a minimum of $1306 an ounce. So this year the price of gold is strong, the turning point of further confirmation, the overall pattern is currently in the first half of the high range pulled up sharply after correction. The three thousand mark would go through, then began to rise, high of 1375 line is not the top, look at the target period of Qi Qian four mark! The end of the impact of the news, the market return to the technical side, short-term bullish bullish look at the continuation of the high point! The next high resistance position in the 1340 line, break through to see the 1349 line. Back in the morning to support 1327 support line, the operation does not expect too much callback efforts, directly in the vicinity of more than 1330! Spot gold do single strategy: 1, near the direct to do more than 1330.相关的主题文章: