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Xiangshan tours red peak welcome 70 thousand visitors next week to see "cenglinjinran" – Beijing Xiangshan first reward red peak welcome 70 thousand visitors are expected next weekend to see "cenglinjinran" red beauty yesterday, the Xiangshan Park red color rate reached 30%, "colorful" at the beginning of the red beauty attracts 70 thousand people come to watch, with the same period last year, "the twenty-eighth Xiangshan red season ushered in the first peak day. By the end of next week, will be a large area of red maple leaves, then, visitors can enjoy "cenglinjinran scene". In addition, during this year red season, the park for the first time enable the real-time monitoring system, visitors can understand the number of parks, reasonable reward red peak". This year a red period compared with the previous year postponed a week it is understood from the beginning to the end, watch the leaves, can be divided into three levels: "colorful" ornamental "cenglinjinran" and "leaves, in order to watch the floating Dan" in different scenery early red, red leaves, three times. As one of the most popular scenic tours red, fragrant leaves season has been opened on October 14th and will continue until the middle of November. In addition, the meteorological department recently issued the "Xiangshan red leaf season forecast, due to the recent average temperature is higher than in previous years, Xiangshan leaves the ornamental period than in previous years to postponed about 7 days. Yesterday, the Xiangshan Park of the red color rate has reached 30%, visitors can enjoy "colorful" at the beginning of the red beauty. By the end of next week, visitors will be able to enjoy the "red cenglinjinran scene". Is expected in early November, as temperatures continue to decline, will usher in the "Xiangshan red leaves floating dan". Although the leaves or "colorful" scene, still attracted a lot of tourists. As of yesterday afternoon 6 points, a total of 70 thousand people came to visit the red, with the same period last year. Of the 70 thousand visitors, 90% belong to the field. At 9:20 yesterday, the reporter from the North Fourth Ring of the Olympic Forest Park, drove to Xiangshan park. The road does not appear congestion, but after traveling to the island Xiangshan, Xiangshan Road, mountain road traffic began to focus on, a red road. With the increase of traffic, prepared by the Xiangshan exit the vehicle in the right lane rings were forced to wait, queuing traffic also affected the normal traffic transit vehicle, the tail gradually extended. At the same time, with the parking lot saturated, mountain traffic more slowly, a large number of police and wardens have to maintain order in traffic, ready to stop plugging or free parking driver. According to high moral map shows that this section of the mountain road about 4 km, but the car takes about 40 minutes, as long as the foot of 26 minutes. Reporters found that many tourists choose to walk in the section. When the reporter arrived at the east gate of Xiangshan Park, close to 11 points. It is understood that during this year red season, every weekend to watch the peak day, Xiangshan surrounding road traffic flow increased 28% compared to non red season weekend, compared to increase 17% working days. The real-time monitoring of tourists to shunt though worrying peripheral traffic, but the reporter came to the Xiangshan Park East Gate, discovery park visitors, can pass in order to ease the work of the staff. Park Garden order is good, not a large number of tourists in Jean相关的主题文章: