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"Xiamen speed" a letter from a stranger stunned friends truth exposed recently, typhoon "Meranti" transit, just a few days, the tourist city of Xiamen is engaged in a mess. Critical juncture, the people’s Liberation Army and armed police officers and soldiers rushed in the front line of the full support of the people of Xiamen in Xiamen together sharing rain, speed, shocked the local users. During this period, there have been scenes touching scenes, especially a stranger’s letter is a poke in the countless tears! 18 days after the typhoon, Xiamen, a team of armed police officers and soldiers responsible wrecker task. They put the bag and camouflage coat neatly stacked in the corridor outside the bank Xianyue road traffic, turn to work, until the end of mission ready to rally back afternoon found that every soldiers bag are placed on a red bag, each bag containing 2 pieces of cooked egg, in a bag there is a handwritten letter. The letter said: "when the disaster comes, I saw a figure dressed in camouflage, I know that our people’s army". It turned out that it was nearly eleven noon, a woman with a child quietly put down. "I just saw a mother with a child, with the red egg red bags, quietly placed in the soldier bag". Back to the community neighborhood committee Angela Tong said excitedly from the scene wrecker. Unfortunately, the mother quickly placed the bag, then left the children with Angela Tong, catch up, also did not see their faces. This scene is shared to the circle of friends, instantly moved the city. Large size: small military and civilian yushuiqing, cried, thank you for this group of the most lovely soldiers! Tranquil as chrysanthemum – rhyme: people, for the people in the military, army day unites one family, one family……. Full of positive energy, hope this matter up, not only touched us, but also do a quench never be handed down from age to age. Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! Road 1314: my heart was touched by the warm city thing, if I want to join the body no problem is to rebuild their homes. There is great love in the world. Thanksgiving! Chasel_ Xia Zhiqiu: as the people of Xiamen, after the disaster that the people’s Liberation Army, feel very stable. ZZ small dimple long eyelashes and LL: thanked the people’s army! Xiamen would like to quickly get better! Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi: This is the best tribute to the military, which is what the soldiers should do, they will not forget the oath of the red flag! Crystal crystal _ tears: Xiamen is really a nice city, to travel for a few days to feel not enough!!! Everyone really are super enthusiastic folk city is very good. Cats meow son would like to become a _ disc Mapo Tofu: my day, 97, 98, 99…… And I was even younger than me, thank them! Bluemoon999: good ordinary people, soldiers and civilians. Zhangzhou armed police detachment of more than and 200 people to help Xiamen lakeside community reconstruction, at noon to rest by school. The school opened to outside school to the classroom on the first floor to the officers and men to rest, but the soldiers for fear of causing trouble to the school directly in the school playground to rest by the side of the runway. Xiamen armed police detachment conscripts, less than a week’s new recruits, in a busy afternoon on Xianyue Road, in an open gas station to rest. Gas station;相关的主题文章: