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Wu Minxia talked about her boyfriend: he now than I was red if the proposal would be accepted – Sohu led by Wu Minxia sports dream team the first variety show, Qin Kai proposed Hezi Xinbaoxun (reporter Liu Hun Yang Guang) yesterday, Hunan satellite TV "every day" held a "Special Olympics" recording media goings, Wu Minxia, Qin Kai, Xue Changrui and Hezi the thunder, Long Qingquan, Xiang Yanmei, Zhang Guowei, Olympic Star team arrived at the scene, in addition to the recorded interviews. Qin Kai’s exposure to the Olympic Games, the details of the proposal, Wu Minxia even more happy to talk about the Olympic Games during the accident exposed her boyfriend, he is now more red than i." First came to the stage of "every day", Wu Minxia think this opportunity is very rare, especially with the same team, Qin Kai and Hezi together in an instant, feel very powerful. This time in the Olympic Games, Wu Minxia boyfriend exposure, which she was very calm, he is now "I have red, something happens, everything." When a reporter asked if her boyfriend to marry him, will you accept it? Wu Minxia just nodded "well"! Then he could not help laughing. At the end of the game, Wu Minxia said that now most want to do is rest, accompany their parents, filial piety, and will continue to go back to school to learn and charge. In an interview with the team, Qin Kai also first talked about the Olympic Games to propose what posture of the insider, "designed for up to 30 hours, in addition to the middle of the game, other people have participated in the last five or six hours for very nervous." As a teammate, Wu Minxia revealed that he also encouraged his attitude, do this thing takes a lot of courage, because it is in the face of the world. She told me she was nervous, more nervous than the game." It is reported that "every day" this program will be held in September 9th in Hunan satellite TV broadcast.相关的主题文章: