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With Ryan Harvey 1-1 R 2 victorious to avoid relegation Liaozu worrying comments – Sohu R & F 1-1 tie break Harvey Liaozu sports self-confidence bolted to celebrate Beijing time on October 26th, the twenty-ninth round of Super League Round started. Guangzhou R & F in the home court against Liaoning hongyun. The first half of Ji’an R & F team effort hit the bar, the second half with Harvey to break the deadlock, Asani tie, both plain 1-1. At the last moment because Liaozu play lost on penalties to Yatai, which makes the fans very uncomfortable, after the game, Liaozu club is the controversial penalty to the complaint, but Chinese FA, left Liaozu not much time, the current round of competition if the rich force they beat Wuyuwuqiu, they will become a relegation situation excellent; first, R & F front line is still a recent state hot tie partner Harvey Ji’an Nu, Liaozu veteran James due to a total of four yellow card suspension missed the game. After the start of the game both offensive and defensive, second minutes, R & F team Jiang Zhipeng biography by Liu Shangkun disembarrassing. Fifth minutes, the right to attack Liaoning Hongyun team, Yang Yu ball into the box, Ujae forward by Pei Chensong Zhengding, the first to hold the confiscation. Seventh minutes, with Harvey edge of the area have the ball periphery directly kicker was at Lengjian, the ball was goalkeeper of Liaoning stone block Yong God smile. 1 minutes later, Sun Shilin got the ball after peripheral directly hit the door, Chensong Pei was denied the bottom line. Ninth minutes, Jiang Zhipeng foul, Liaozu get free kick opportunity, a direct free kick into the box, Ujae restricted line header was confiscated Pei Chensong. Fourteenth minutes, Zhang Ye qiuhou lateral dribbling closed front foot directly hit the door, Zhang Yaokun was physically blocking out. Twentieth minutes, Liaozu get big box line road location free kick opportunity, Sun Shilin swinging defenders in the wall before the transfer of attention, Weiduoxiqi directly hit the door grasped by Pei Chensong. Thirtieth minutes, Jiang Zhipeng left the ball to score points after Ji’an Nu header, the ball hit the crossbar after the pop, R & F team missed opportunities. Thirty-eighth minutes, Jiang Zhipeng left the ball, tie Harvey right foot shot hit the door slightly higher than the beam. Forty-third minutes, decimating houchangchangzhuan transfer to launch a counterattack, Harvey tied the ball down right to the edge of the area inscribed pilling to the door, Ji’an hard headed home, but the linesman flagged for offside goal, Ji’an efforts, from the replay to see, the ball in between. The first half of the two sides temporarily 0-0 flat. The second half of the team Ceng Chao. Forty-sixth minutes, the Liaoning Hongyun attack, Yang Yu got the ball after a pass over the top line of area, Ujae header was easily confiscated Chensong pei. After 1 minutes, Ji’an. Retracement of the ball forward to Ceng Chao outside the road, right directly hit the door over the bar. Forty-seventh minutes, Yang Yu ball into the box, Ujae head, Yang Yu follow up road header was confiscated Pei Chensong. Forty-eighth minutes, the Liaoning Hongyun attack, Ujae frontier closed area take the ball into the restricted area, restricted line Svensson was knocked to the ground, the latter is booked. Liaoning’s free kick opportunity, Sun Shilin continued to squat the interference, Assani’s free kick hit the wall and up. Fifty-fifth minutes, R & F offensive, Jiang Zhipeng restricted area on the left side of the ball in the middle相关的主题文章: