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Winter fuel consumption soared every car can not escape! You didn’t find it? Sohu car winter driving, fuel consumption is slightly higher than the summer, I think many owners have this feeling. This is a normal phenomenon, the vehicle fuel consumption in winter is slightly higher than in the summer, this is a normal phenomenon because of the weather factors brought about, unless the vehicle is also accompanied by other special circumstances, otherwise the owner does not have to worry about. Many owners of the first reaction is to use the car air-conditioning in winter, of course, much more fuel than hot air blowing cold air during summer. In fact, if the car traveling in winter heating is not because the car fuel consumption, the heating is provided by cooling system of the automobile, Never mind power and engine speed it. The winter is warm, in the use of the engine water temperature so when using warm winter, the air conditioning compressor is not at work, fuel consumption will not increase. Some people say that the operation of blowers will cause power consumption, increase fuel consumption, so the theory did not play than the heating fee, but can be ignored. The real reason for increased fuel consumption: in low temperature environment, the engine oil viscosity increases, the decrease of fluidity, that is to say, the oil is thicker? This will increase the running resistance of engine parts. When the engine operating resistance increases, it will inevitably lead to an increase in fuel consumption. 1, the steam engine tank can make the cab warming, but if enough heat can not reach the set temperature, the engine will have to pay extra work to produce more heat, a good supply of cab temperature requirements, then extra fuel consumption. 2, the coolant temperature as the main engine fuel injection quantity correction signal, the signal from the water temperature has a very important significance for the concentration of the mixed gas of the engine, start the engine in low temperature environment, the control unit according to the temperature signal to increase fuel injection quantity increase the concentration of the mixture, so as to ensure the engine can start smoothly and smooth operation. Therefore, the lower the temperature, the more dense the engine mixture, fuel consumption will naturally rise. 3, a very important factor is that the low temperature in winter caused a reduction in the thermal efficiency of gasoline. We all know that when the engine works need to have a certain temperature range, is about 80 DEG -90 DEG, the engine cooling system will remain in this range, if the temperature is too high, the engine cooling system will automatically increase the speed of the water cycle, increase the cooling system, take away excess heat; conversely, decreased circulating cooling water velocity the need to maintain the temperature. This is also the most basic engine cooling principle, due to the low temperature in winter, the temperature of the engine is not easy to keep around 80 degrees Celsius, the engine will increase the amount of fuel injection, to maintain the temperature. 4, heating time is too long, many owners have the habit of keeping a car hot, but must pay attention to the heating time is too long, waiting for the status of heating will increase fuel consumption. In addition, the reason for the increase in fuel consumption may also be related to the water temperature or air intake temperature sensor, it may also be an air flow meter or other parts of the electronic system, due to low temperature and engine fuel consumption caused by failure. Summary: the cold thermal efficiency of gasoline is also much less than the summer, these factors make the winter preparation相关的主题文章: