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Arts-and-Entertainment Wowing fans and the judges with his solo audition during Hollywood Week in mid-February, Jacob Lusk has staged himself to potentially be the next American Idol. The young man seemed to appear out of nowhere, having received very little air time prior to the February 17 broadcast. Perhaps it was truly the first performance during which Lusk really shined. Or maybe, it was a strategic move on the part of the television program to boost viewer appreciation for the show and this sympathetic performer. Regardless, Lusk certainly secured himself a fan following with the rendition of God Bless the Child he delivered during the audition. Lusk owned the stage during his performance, taking a Billie Holiday classic and truly making it his own. He delivered some outstanding vocals and did so with true professional performance-level presence. His body language and facial expressions matched perfectly to his emotional vocals. He hit his high and low notes with impressive ease. He astounded the judges and brought even some of his .petitors to their feet in the auditorium. There was little doubt that Lusk had secured himself passage to the next round of .petition with this amazing Hollywood Week audition. And while he must still prove himself worthy during the remainder of the season, many believe Lusk is well-suited to be the next American Idol. Being a music sensation is not only about having outstanding vocals and good pitch. It is about having a likeable character and personality, and about having the kind of on-stage presence that can draw an audience into the performance. Lusk, a 23 year old from .pton, California, .es from meager beginnings, which immediately endears him to fans. American Idol is all about watching a deserving and talented individual rise from their meager beginnings to stardom through hard work and raw, natural talent. Lusk promises to be one of the strong runners in this years .petition, with his breakout performance during Hollywood Week being only the first, among what fans hope to be many, powerful, emotional and versatile performances. Lusk has a soft and sweet nature as witnessed in his interviews. He also has a strong connection to his family, which is something that many fans find very appealing and which has been of benefit to past .petitors with close family ties. Everyone loves a hard-won success story, and Jacob Lusks life could very well have all the plot .ponents necessary to draw fans in further, getting them invested their hearts in his success. After his outstanding performance in mid-February, the world will be watching Lusk. Some fans are already of the mindset that Lusks Hollywood Week audition will not be outdone. There are already predictions .ing out that American Idol Jacob Lusk will soon be a reality, and that the remainder of the season is only formality. American Idol gives music fans the unique opportunity to take the journey to stardom with a performer. Being able to witness Jacob Lusks rise to fame is something that fans and music industry professionals alike are looking forward to. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: