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Computers-and-Technology Communication can be stated as the only cause for the development of internet, telephones, mobile phones television radio etc. The web world provides a really gigantic platform to communicate, then came phones, especially smart phones, smart phones do not have any ability to make a nerd look smart but of course it contributes to the process and facilitates ways by which one could easily remain in contact with his/her loved ones. The new edge thing Smartphone has only to come up with a smart operating system and thus the world would land up into your pocket. Android being one such operating system enables its users to download numerous smart phone applications that would remain in harmony with the needs of the user. With changes taking place all around us we are getting busy day by day, inflation/recession has become every other day issue. Hence in order to meet up with this crisis we all are running after money, in order to fulfill our basic needs we are every day struggling, struggling to survive, struggling to exist. While doing so, we are basically getting busier and hence forgetting to participate in life, we are forgetting to pay attention to our loved ones, and we are gradually getting converted into machines. The easier ways In order to nullify such crisis, various companies came up with applications, that would help decrease this major problem up to a certain extent, it’s a world of internet in which we are roaming rather residing in, then it should help us remain connected with our near and dear ones, to meet the purpose, Whatsapp, came into existence. It was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Aton and was launched in the year 2009. It helps one to text, chats, post pictures, videos instantaneously and hence is called instant messenger service. The best part of the story is all these service is provided absolutely free of cost. Whatsapp is not the only instant messenger service, there are many in the market, this very application is currently ruling the market. Reasons for Whatsapp being popular than any other messenger service "Sms-ing and mms-ing has become backdated. Rather nowadays people prefer multitasking while conversing; therefore chatting over talking is the best option in such a case. "It comes up with cool emoticons which are otherwise not available in other applications. "There is not any character limit mentioned, that has to be maintained while texting. "While other services limits the number of people you can add, whatsapp is devoid of any such obligations. "A lot of money is pumped out of the user, when he/she makes use of messenger services other than whatsapp, while whatsapp provides free of cost service for a year. "The service has already succeeded in grabbing attention of 300million users world-wide and has reportedly given tough competition to social networking sites. "Moreover this application is easy downloadable and is not confusing like many others. Conclusion It comprises of far better eye-catching interfaces unlike other messenger services. All this above mentioned abilities makes whatsapp a better messenger service than any other in the current day About the Author: 相关的主题文章: