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UnCategorized Have you ever heard the expression be careful what you wish for? Or have you ever been accused of "daydreaming" or "being too much in your head"? Mind power scares people. That is partly why those phrases are said. When you develop a conscious relationship with your own mind it is like bringing home a giant super-.puter and starting to actually use it. Things are going to change in your life when you do that! You already have a powerful mind. However you might not even know what it feels like, or how it works, or where it is.You can gain all this knowledge and experience the feeling of enjoying the awesome benefits and life improving power when you have a friendly relationship with your own mind. Hearing the words, "you have a powerful mind" and experiencing it is like the difference between watching a rocket blast off to the moon on TV and being on that rocket when it blasts off. Consciously working with your own mind is not for everyone. It can be frightening because you are handling something that is powerful, like a rocket fuel, or nuclear energy. Mind power is so powerful that it can be scary. That is why most people do not use it. If you use your mind power consciously you set yourself apart from most other people. That alone can be frightening for you or for those around you. Hey, wouldn’t you rather I warned you first? This way you can understand and find ways to be more .fortable as you use this vast power that is available to everyone. Now how is it that the mind works so well to ac.plish things in life? Think of the mind as part of your body that extends into other dimensions. It is like a master software engine that runs all the other levels. It is very subtle and immensely effective at controlling you and your life. One little change has a ripple effect throughout your whole system. What happens at the level of the mind, filters down to all the other levels. In my own universe, you are delighted to experience the power of your own mind and to discover what a great friend that it can be to you. You are .fortable working and living with mind power and your life is vastly improved from the day you started to really use it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: