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Why Carina Lau is the best weapon against eq. The gossip column Sina entertainment television circle eight deep water ideas often change over time. For example, when you are eight years old Carina Lau also a little better in 80s and 90s, Hong Kong and Taiwan actress, but nothing to feel. She is pretty, but too much of that time on beauty, she didn’t Michele Lee Rosamund Kwan so gorgeous beauty, the arts fan as Maggie Cheung Joey Wong and her temperament like orchid. Her name is often, wealthy and rich together, but the world of beauty and money is always as the shadow follows the form. The beauty of the top circle of friends have a lot of talent and Fortune top, it is common and widespread phenomenon. Over a long period of time in the eyes of the public, Carina Lau in the same period in the most distinctive actress, it seems that her other half is Tony Leung. But life is really a long run. The big beauty went to the middle stage, once the leader of the force or after insufficient, or change the runway; but before Carina Lau is not particularly outstanding, do not know when they have reached the front, but also becomes the gas field full. Jin Xingxiu aired last night, I do not know why from the previous notice of the replacement of the Carina Lau of the. Because of the temporary array, the early propaganda is equal to zero, after the broadcast effect was surprisingly good. Carina Lau on this issue of the program under the micro-blog, comments area for her point of ZAN accounted for the majority. You don’t have to like her, but you have to agree that this is a wonderful woman. I put the horse to come over the split line – eight years deep run deep entertainment, I am well aware of the relationship between reporters and stars are killed in love. The star needs the media publicity, but often only hope the media to publicize their great light side is the white lotus, interested in the topic of gossip people keep from talking about. Like Carina Lau this just put the horse over, sister all live, the star, rivers and lakes is really rare ah. Asked the husband’s affair with Maggie Cheung, her clear answer: This is a beautiful story. If he really likes Maggie Cheung, I am very happy, Maggie Cheung is a very good actress. Just a few words, easy to resolve the more than ten years of speculation gossip. Hong Kong media for many years in a magnifying glass to find traces of their relationship between the three, Tony Leung Carina Lau flew to the two of the airline stewardess poured a cup of water, to compare with Tony Leung Maggie Cheung to drink a cup of water rumors, although Tony Leung had denied this rumor. The streets of Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung short Syria after leaving, rendered Wenfeng rushed to Carina Lau because she fled. Last year Tony Leung Shing Yee movie "I am Passers-A" writing film and a back, wrote the director and the crew to see the meteor shower, has also been speculation that he is around eight people Maggie Cheung. Obviously has been in love for 20 years to get married for 8 years, but also from time to time to write such a YY text, into another woman, I am afraid it is difficult not to mind. Carina Lau’s wisdom lies in the fact that the rumors are true or false she does not stand, but the answer: she is very good, but I do not care whether true or false, because I have confidence. Light a few words相关的主题文章: