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Software Why Android Application Development? The increasing use of mobile devices enables companies to create such devices which not only fulfill the customers need but also increases their profitability. This competition becomes the source of innovation and creativity which ultimately develops such unique products which are need-fully become a part of human life for productivity. Android application development is a good example of such creative innovations. Android is basically an open source mobile operating system that collectively builds upon parts of various different open source projects. So, What does this means for the developers? Developers have access to the platform source code which is running on the phone. This is helpful for them to better understand how to the android interface controls the Apps System Many newly entered developers ask a common question regarding the advantages of developing applications on Android, so to answer their Question, here are some advantages of Developing on android. Zero Startup cost: The startup cost to develop Android application is nearly zero as development tools which are required for this platform are freely available on the internet. Even for the distribution of the application, Google charges a minimal fee to promote the application in the Android market. Freedom of innovation: Since Android OS is an open source platform based on Linux and many open source libraries, it also allows developers to contribute or expand the platform freely in addition to build apps to run on devices. Freedom of collaboration: Android developers are not bound to sign NDA rather they are encouraged to share and collaborate source code with each other. Distribution model: There are very few restrictions placed on the functionality or content of the applications which are allowed in the Googles Android Market. Moreover, developers can freely utilize different distribution channels as well for the distribution of their apps. Multi-platform support: Application development with Android platform is also advantageous because Android OS is powered by a variety of hardware devices as well as Tablet PCs and various phones. Android Apps may can also be developed Mac, Windows or Linux. App Development process: The process of Android application development is easy and simple which ultimately speed up the whole development process. This simplicity also reduced the overall app development cost. Java programming is used to develop Android apps. For sending and receiving the data on different platforms, Android uses CDMA, Wi-Fi, GSM, EV-DO, EDGE, UMTS and Bluetooth. Other features like GPS, video camera and accelerometer are also included in the Android platform. In short Android framework facilitates professional developers in all ways to create innovative Apps effectively. The future of App development on Android platform looks bright on the basis of market research. It is also an opportunity for Android app developers to create innovative apps having access to everything. Everyday, more and more Android apps development teams are showing up, and people are also switching towards Android because of its capacity for game-changing applications and intuitive designs. If you are also looking for an experienced team to develop your Android Applications, then Socialfactory www.socialfactory.co.uk is a reliable name in the field for providing qualitative development at Rock bottom Prices. 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