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"A dream of Red Mansions" why the Mid Autumn Festival opening [Abstract] Cao Xueqin’s "dream of Red Mansions" is a literary masterpiece, but also traditional Chinese festivals synthesizer. The book will go back to the first pen of the Mid Autumn Festival, a round up, energy-saving ", opened a gigantic piece of the big screen…… "A dream of Red Mansions" seventy-fifth: open the banquet signs hair sad tone, enjoy the mid autumn good New Prophecy (clear) Sun Wen painted "a dream of Red Mansions" seventy-sixth products: convex Bi Tang flute sense of desolate, lonely sad poem with concave crystal Museum (Qing) Sun Wenhui in the farming civilization mainly China, mid autumn festival the traditional long. Around the holidays customs approximate, but the Mid Autumn Festival will have a month, Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, August Festival, August, Wanru Festival, Moon Festival, worship Festival, festival, daughter reunion festival and so on appellation. How to celebrate the festival, in addition to the full moon and eat moon cakes, what about Cao Xueqin, and one by one…… "A dream of Red Mansions" first – "general Jia Yu Zhen Shiyin dream dust with" psychic lady, occurred in ten in the South Gate outside Suzhou Street Ren Qing xiang. That day, "every household in the neighbourhood not music, as the moon, and Ning hui." The gourd temple, Jia Yu alone is Guyingzilian, although on poetry, a poor scholar, but without losing elegance of the literati poet. The next big Zhen Shiyin came, smiled and said: "tonight the Mid Autumn Festival, popular saying" the festival of reunion ", want to send your brother brigade sengfang, not without a sense of loneliness, so a special drink, a drink to my brother invited Zhai, I do not know whether the" Qin Yi? "So the two of them sitting in shallow pour slowly drink. Tanxing is getting stronger. A: Wu Jia Yucun export accounted for every 35 reunion, full to Qingguang care jade bar. The sky round Pengchu, energy-saving. Zhen Shiyin sense of their feelings, donate. Jia Yu Haoxing blooming, the night went to Beijing exam, since the fate of steep turn. Zhiyanzhai commentary of the poem "the purpose, but for the rain village, have to have. By the mid autumn poetry, with mid autumn poetry, and from the poetry society in autumn. The researchers also use spring sigh, Sanqiu key." In farming China, when people planted by "Spring Garden" for harvest, harvest time by "autumn" thank God bless. Therefore, closely related to farming season and the Mid Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving is an important theme in the reunion. Mid Autumn Festival is the harvest season, derived from the Thanksgiving heaven and earth, but also to achieve the expectations of self-worth. Cao Xueqin "a dream of Red Mansions" structure of the thesis, with seasonal festivals transforms, affects the relationship between the characters fate, and therefore on the seasonal description particularly delicate, left a vivid portrayal of painting festival folk for posterity. The Mid Autumn Festival, etiquette rules can not be less of a dream of Red Mansions "is to write in the Mid Autumn Festival, through the seventy-fifth back to the" open banquet sign hair sad tone, good words and enjoy the mid autumn augury "and seventy-sixth" Bi Tang goods back to the convex concave crystal flute sense of desolate, lonely "sad poem with hall. From the beginning of the day before the Mid Autumn Festival, a variety of etiquette rules a lot, idle away in seeking pleasure. The day before the Mid Autumn Festival, Jia Zhenyou’s early in the morning, "there are people back to the moon cake watermelon are all, only to be assigned to give" account of the August fifteen gifts of fruits of the customs; and Jia Zhen said: "we are not filial piety, fifteen day tomorrow.相关的主题文章: