Who don’t try to stop my hand! Because my hand is for Zhang Jike to hold Sohu! jinshen

Who don’t try to stop my hand! Because my hand is holding for Zhang Jike! – Sohu [Reuters] bazaar Bi Ying the happiest thing for the national husband hold you play! What is the situation?! Who is the girl in your arms, Zhang Jike? She must be your sister many sisters shouted: let the girl! Allow me! Baby don’t get too excited, this is just the national husband to Hongkong for an exhibition, for small audiences shows (paste) fan (body), ‘I have to say that you really got a good hand sister ah! And there are "wife group" openly said: husband, you forgot the original you say it? But the girls! This is not the focus! The key is like Zhang Jike honey man, perhaps what you will meet and hold (hold) hand! You can make your hands smooth as gentle as a girl? Please protect their own "second face" or really no face to see the brain! Now in the autumn, the weather is getting dry, the hands of small barbs are up? So you dare to hand in hand with the male god? Even if you hold on to show affection, if it is rough and dry hands, you dare not to rub the skin hair circle of friends? And the hand is a woman’s "second face" can not be said of the white face, maintenance of good, hand wrinkles fine lines to burst, male gods will say: So feel for you, if you don’t want to end it, follow sister to do exercises.’! Hand exercises began to follow the 123 step I do! The first step: Super relaxed hand massage exercises ten interlocking grip, wrist clockwise. The thumb to press the palm circle to send, counterclockwise, hands alternately. The same massage up to the fingertips to circle the way, the 3 groups each doing 2 minutes to do can make your hands more soft, before apply the right amount of hand cream or oil, the effect will be better. The second step: to rough exfoliating regularly even if most of the time with a lot of skin care products, can be the hand skin problems but also problems, it may be because your cuticle too long didn’t take care of you, good skin care products can not be absorbed, so you need to regularly exfoliating, preferably 1 to 1 times 2 weeks. The third step: Portable Hand Cream dry muscle girl with particular attention to Kazakhstan, when dry and windy, don’t be afraid of trouble and do not want to wash your hands after each smear hand cream, but it is God can effectively help you resist the stop of the dry fine lines, rough and other issues! The hand barbed woman, please be sure to eat the pieces of Amway, this is very moisturizing formula armor cream, generally painted 3-5 days, the hand has improved significantly, not only were gone, dry, lack luster fingers will become tender moist oh! The nail will become stronger! When it comes to hand cream must say Julie Kou, the natural rose taste of fried chicken smells, this cream also contains calendula and other plant extracts, can protect the hands long and deep moisturizing,.相关的主题文章: