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Arts-and-Entertainment If youre anything like us, youll absolutely love your TV. When youre on the go, it can be tricky to enjoy your favourite TV, DVDs and other Media. Here at Goodmans, we can offer you a nifty exclusive solution to this problem: one of our traveller TVs ! Why buy one? Traveller TVs are perfect for travelling on land or water! These popular travel TVs today come with two 12v power adapters, both domestic and vehicle style, which means that they can be used pretty much anywhere you please. Space Saving TVs of this type are specifically designed to be used in mobile homes, caravans, HGVs and boats making them the perfect solution for those embarking on road trips, or voyages either in the UK or abroad. A near necessity when travelling with children and an essential luxury when overnighting in your vehicle For those journeying across the UK & Europe the built in Satellite Tuner is a must, just add a dish to receive Freeview channels by Satellite, this in addition to the built in Freeview HD Tuner that simply requires an aerial for UK use Technical specs The traveller TVs come in 19" HD Ready or 22" Full HD versions incorporating a DVD Player, Freeview HD Tuner, Satellite Tuner Blue Tooth and EZ Cast. Both can be wall mounted (bracket not inc) In addition to an impressive specification the Traveller TVs offer a host of inputs including Scart, HDMI and USB enabling the recording of Digital TV or the playing of media files to and from your USB memory device. Also equipped with Bluetooth receive and EZ Cast capabilities, you can even stream music and media from other enabled devices such as phones and tablets Goodmanstv.net provide further peace of mind to those buying a Freeview HD TV with a 12-month guarantee, which protects against electrical or mechanical breakdowns extendable for up to 3 years with our optional warranty offers In summary a uniquely specified TV DVD Combi built here in the UK with your leisure needs firmly in mind. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: