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Travel-and-Leisure Over the last two decades Dubai has be.e one of the hottest vacation spots and business locations on the planet. A visitor to Dubai will experience traditional Arab culture set in the heart of a vibrant ultra-modern city with futuristic new attractions springing up virtually every day. Dubai is a place of profound contrasts. In Dubai you will find luxurious residential districts just minutes from dusty traditional villages. Rugged mountains and shifting sand dunes are only miles from beautiful sandy beaches, lush green parks and world-class golf courses. Tourists can spend their money in some of the largest and most modern shopping malls in the world, or bargain with Arabic traders in Dubai’s traditional market places. Visitors to Dubai can choose to stay in one of its many luxury hotels. Or for a more authentic Dubai experience a person can rent a beautifully furnished apartment or villa in one of Dubai’s newer residential areas. Dubai apartment rentals offer the visitor more space for less money, and provide a different perspective on this unique city. Many New Developments Underway The almost frantic pace of new development taking place in Dubai has made it one of the most futuristic cities in the world. The city skyline now highlights sleek new skyscrapers such as the Emirates Towers and Burj Al-Arab, the world’s tallest hotel. The Mall of the Emirates which opened in 2005 is the largest shopping center outside of North. It features one one of the world’s only indoor ski slopes. And Dubai also boasts one of the few 18 hole golf courses in the world that is fully lit for nighttime golf. Many other large developments and attractions are also underway in Dubai. Just a few of these are: – Dubai Mall – the largest indoor mall in the world when .pleted. – Burj Dubai – scheduled to be .pleted in 2008 – will be the tallest skyscraper in the world. – Dubai World Central including the Dubai World Central International Airport will be the world’s largest passenger and cargo hub – ten times larger than the current Dubai International Airport and Dubai Cargo Village .bined. – The Dubai Waterfront project – the largest waterfront development and the largest man-made project in the world when .pleted. Shopping Tourism in Dubai By far the most popular attraction Dubai is the shopping. The malls and market places of Dubai are stocked with an incredible array of consumer goods and draw large numbers of shopping tourists from all parts of Europe and the Middle East and even as far away as Eastern Europe, India, and North America. Dubai’s most interesting shopping is to be found in the souks, located on either side of Dubai creek that runs through the city. Two of the most popular are the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. Bargaining in traditional middle eastern style is an important part of the shopping experience in the souks. In recent years traditional shopping in the souks has met with stiff .petition from more western style shopping as fantastic shopping malls and boutiques have sprung up throughout the city. Dubai’s modern shopping malls sell virtually any consumer good you can imagine: clothing, cars, furnishings, jewellery, electronics, sporting equipment – you name it and you can probably find it in the shopping areas and malls of Dubai. And often all of these consumer items are under the same roof. The Dubai International Airport also is the home of the Duty Free .plex – one of the most extensive and largest duty free shopping areas in the world. New developments such as the Dubai World Central International Airport will have even larger duty free areas to draw in even more shopping tourists. These and many more attractions make Dubai a favorite destination of tourists and business travelers from around the world. Future developments promise to make Dubai even more important as a world class business hub and a haven for tourists in search of a unique and exciting adventure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: