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Home-Improvement Maybe you are in the food industry or own a nightclub. Perhaps you own a bakery or a coffee shop. Whatever your business, at some point you may consider having your premises refitted. However, this can prove to be a major deal and therefore it is essential that you choose a reputable .pany to carry out the work. Where do you look for such a shop fitter? Traditionally, you might have found .panies through trade magazines, word of mouth or possibly in a telephone directory. Today, with widespread use of the internet, it has be.e even easier to search for information and .panies relating to all areas of shop fitting. This has led to an increase in awareness in terms of different shop fitting .panys strengths and weaknesses and what they have to offer your .pany. Although there will be .panies offering you all kinds of amazing deals, finding one you feel able to trust and leave your shop fitting needs in their hands is not always that simple. It can be especially difficult online because you are not face to face with the .pany you are dealing with. Counterfit are able you the best of both worlds. With an excellent online presence you can browse through the detailed catalogue of shop fittings on offer, in order to find the one that suits your needs exactly. However, if you do want to speak to a staff member in person or arrange a meeting, you can do so via the enquires section on the website. We can supply a free on site survey and quotation and are happy to supply CAD (.puter Aided Design) models of your chosen shop fitting design in both 2D and 3D. Looking towards the future, Counterfit are planning to open a new showroom, which will allow customers to physically .e into the store. This will enable clients to meet us face to face and see the cabi.s and counter tops set up rather than just in photographs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: