What people in Sweden Bei Ke paint-ratatouille

What people in Sweden Bei Ke paint? Sweden?? Rebecca Ke paint as Sweden and the Nordic leading paint brands, not only excellent environmental performance, won the Nordic Swan eco certification mark, the Swedish anti allergic certification, the product conforms to the BASTA standard database of chemical composition, color and more fashionable young. This comes from northern Europe with a fresh rainbow logo brand let everyone shine. ?? Then who is in Sweden Bei Ke paint? The Swedish Royal Palace is located in the heart of Stockholm. Founded in seventeenth Century, is a famous Swedish architect Terry Jarl’s works. The Royal Palace is the place where the king of Sweden works and holds a celebration. Drottningholm palace???? Drottningholm palace residence is one of the Swedish king Carle and queen Gustaf sixteen Sylvia, now the Swedish Royal family living in this. The palace of Drottningholm has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is an example of the royal residence of Sweden in eighteenth Century, representing the various architectural styles of Europe at that time. The Riddarholmen church? The Riddarholmen church is one of the oldest buildings in Stockholm. It is also the funeral hall of the Swedish monarch. The Swedish subway station???? the subway in Stockholm can be said to be the longest in the world art museum, the total length of 108 kilometers of subway network is the world’s longest subway network, in the subway station more than and 100 people can enjoy different artists. Swedish Rebecca Ke painted a rainbow in the subway station brush, which is the brand image of logo.相关的主题文章: