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Home-Improvement For a long time, home decor was mostly about the living room, bedroom and even about the bathroom. The modular kitchen gurgaon is the way to go about for most modern homeowners. However, this is not just a stylish kitchen design it has many functional benefits as well. Such a kitchen can add an extra dimension to your home, even if you have a splendidly chic living space. You can get your modular kitchen designed with different features and different colors such as gold, green, blue, orange and red. In addition, there are natural color options such as birch and cedar. What are the common accessories that go together to make your modular kitchen complete? The pullout drawers in your Modular Kitchen Delhi have the unique characteristic of being easily accessible. They can be used for storing different types of items and foods. Maintenance is also easy and depends upon the size of the drawers. Another type of popular kitchen accessory, shutters have become the trend nowadays and they are replacing the crockery. In addition to being reliable and sturdy, they can be installed and maintained with utmost ease. Adjustable shelves feature sliding drawers that can be used to store different types of kitchen accessories. Their advantages are that they are easily reachable and hard-wearing. The handle would make it easy to open or close the shelf. Another type of furniture that forms an important part of a modular kitchen, wooden doors are available in a wide range of variety. Hollow core doors have a frame enveloped from both faces with thin layer of veneer. It has hard strips of timber at its edges. Usually, the face is painted or varnished. Panel doors are also known as rail doors or stile doors. They are made with multiple solid wood panels in different shapes and sizes, which are arranged in a parallel way. Panel doors have grooved frame fitted with thin panels of different types of wood including oak, pine, beech or mahogany. The moldings would ensure that the panels remain their place. The number and size of the panels would be based upon the desired door size and your requirements. The most common types of panel door would have 4 panels. Flush doors are also used in modular kitchens. They feature thin-hardwood veneer sheet and solid wooden core construction. However, the core can also be particle board or fiberboard. The function of veneer is to provide stability to these doors and protect from warping. Usually, you would find that there could be any one of the two types of cores in these doors. The first is the wood-stave core and the second one is the rail core. When you want to install modular kitchen in your home, it would be ideal to consider checking the price of the home furniture online. It would help you save money and find a larger variety of options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: