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2016 – block chain project which concern the Sohu of science and technology Texun November 17th news: 2016 will soon be over, is a digital currency gradually mature one year, bitcoin is celebrating its 8 birthday, the online bitcoin price contrarian rose to about 5000. At the same time, 2016 is also the first year of the development of the block chain, each venture invested $one billion invested in the chain of venture capital companies and projects. Foreign IBM, DDT and Deutsche Bank have released a block chain of their own design, the first domestic financial and Internet Co such as universal finance, financial, financial and other safety LETV also joined the technology feast. In October 18th, by the Ministry and the National Standards Commission letter soft our industry standard two department guidance, Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute of the joint domestic block chain R & D backbone enterprises jointly set up the "Chinese block chain technology and Industry Development Forum", and published the first "China block chain technology and application development white paper". Back to the initial application of the block chain, digital currency, or the field of technology finance. What are the digital currencies that have new block chain concepts in 2016? Following by the leading digital asset exchange coin network (toubi) translation and sorting, most currency transactions can have in the internet. 1 Ethernet ETH Ethereum (Ethernet) is a platform and a programming language that enables developers to build and publish the next generation of distributed applications. Ethereum can be used to programming, dispersion, and transaction guarantee anything: vote, domain name, financial exchange, to raise the public, corporate management, contract agreement, and most of the intellectual property rights, and benefit from the integration of hardware and intelligent assets. Ethernet square in the end of 2015 to 2016 was sought after market, prices also rose by two times. Because of the development of digital currency in recent years, there is no substantive block chain applications. But the Ethernet block allows the chain can be in the field of intelligent contracts with the possibility of two programming, which brings a lot of convenience. Just late DAO after all the chips by hackers to find loopholes, and lead to ETH caused ETC and ETH bifurcation for weakened force. The origin of Zcash Zcash from 2 by early founder zerocoin, and then changed the basic principle. The characteristics of zero knowledge proof technology, cryptography technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 80s of the last century, was once used for military purposes and become a top secret ban on the export of technology. Put on civilian, Baidu and Wikipedia are given a more specific example, interested friends can look at. Zcash founder of Zooko can be regarded as a senior veteran of the field of cryptography and hackers, he created the Zcash, the basic unit is ZEC, absorbing the principle of zero knowledge proof, applied to the Zcash code. Zcash is the most technical concept of digital currency this year, and most of the financial situation, we do not want the district相关的主题文章: