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UnCategorized With advanced technology, mountain climbing, bicycling, hiking, and even swimming will never be the same. Why is this so? One simple answer: action camera technology used in helmet cameras. Action cameras are made for hands free operation and shoots from the perspective of a particular subject. Like in most first-person shooter video games, these point-of-view helmet cams gives the audience an immersive feel from the perspective of the main person. One popular use of this technology has been the traditional attachment of point-of-view cameras to helmets but with much improved and more elegant mounts than the old tape and screws. The new mounting enhancements makes it possible for people to very easily place action cameras helmets to capture images and videos wherever they go on land or water. For example, motocross bikers wearing helmet cameras can record all the jumps, slides and sharp turns they experience on the track. Since many of these helmet action cams are designed by people who use them regularly in harsh outdoor environments these cameras benefit from their refined knowledge on making cameras that can stand tough physical and environmental abuse. That is why you can take it for granted action cameras are water resistant, shock-absorbent, and durable. Actjion cameras’ features make them suitable for all sorts of traveling conditions. Mountain climbers don’t need to worry about the helmet cameras bumping up against any loose rocks, and swimmers need not worry about the camera getting wet when they wear a scuba mask camera. Their uniquely rugged properties make helmet cameras tough enough to handle situations where regular video cameras would simply shatter or become water damaged. Helmet cameras are designed for easy hands free operation. The lens element is attached to either the top or side of a helmet, motor vehicle, surf board or other sports gear. The lens can either be part of the camera recording unit like a regular video camera or it may be separate with an LCD preview screen. Typically a large record button easily activated even with heavy gloves on starts camera recording. The data is then sent electronically to the recording unit, which captures the scenery being captured. Being able to shoot hands free is a major advantage of action cameras. Once mounted the user just hits the record button and shooting starts immediately. The camera takes care of focus, contrast, white balance and the other technical issues, recording until the battery dies or the memory card is full. Another benefit to these sports cameras are their extremely light weight design. User fatigue is a major consideration but with these camera units most users do not even notice they are wearing it. Some of the smallest units can weigh as little as 10 ounces. Developers have performed tests to ensure that the action cameras can withstand blows and drops that would instantly kill traditional camcorders. While helmet cameras are extremely convenient, they are still reasonably priced. Some of the inexpensive models can range anywhere from around $100 to $140. However, to gain the most out of the benefits that the units provide, one should expect to spend around $300 for HD quality videos. Certain kits that contain all of the necessary accessories can cost up to $600. Bear in mind that it may be better to spend those extra dollars in the long run to be able to produce HD quality videos and imaging. In short, the various benefits of the helmet camera make it a valuable purchase. To find the best resources for shooting with action cams or point of view cameras check out the action cam youtube channel or follow the helmet camera blogs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: