Wenzhou, a primary school physical examination of more than high school girls were male doctor chest pretty rhythm

Wenzhou a primary school examination more than high grade girls were "male doctor" hit the chest – Beijing recently, some friends broke the news, Wenzhou city of Yueqing Liushi primary school during a routine physical examination, there are many high grade girls in height, was "a male doctor" touched the chest. Parents to talk about, one asked to give the children to measure the height of the man, the root is not a doctor, but the hospital temporarily hired. Some people even said that the man’s job is to sell breakfast. This kind of person to give students physical examination, things become more and more outrageous. After that, some parents reported to the police. Local police intervened. Evening news reporter learned that, at present, the man on suspicion of child molestation has been approved the arrest. More than a routine physical examination of primary school students were chest attack thing happened in October 11th. The same day, the first primary school in Yueqing City, Liushi ushered in a new semester of routine physical examination. Many senior female students found that the amount of height to their male doctor, will do a very uncomfortable to let them move. Qianjiang Evening News saw when students measure the height of the video. I saw a man in a black coat, looks more than and 30 years old, standing in front of a pillar of the school teaching, the column seems to be engraved on the length of the number of students around him. The man will let the height of the students stand on the column, and then use a ruler on the student’s head, the column on the scale value. Video, the turn of the boys, men will be involved in the hands of their shoulders, and for some girls, men will put their hands on their chest. A woman who asked not to be named, said the parents, physical examination that night, the child told her about it. "In the beginning, we feel very shocked, but also somewhat skeptical." Later, a few parents call each other, angry to find the children are almost the same. It’s been more than and 20 days. However, many students reflect their parents, in the event of injury to the child, the character becomes withdrawn, before she never closed the door to sleep, that night she closed the door to sleep". There are parents said that the child so far, are reluctant to talk to people. The man is a temporary hospital employed by the hospital admitted the existence of loopholes in the management of after the event, parents find the school. Chen Wenzhe, vice president of the school said that after they learned of the matter, the first time to choose the alarm, and some of the students were subjected to psychological counseling. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned that the school take the examination of Liushi center hospital. According to the president of the hospital Bao Shaorun, the same day, a total of more than 30 staff to undertake the school physical examination tasks. Among them, more than half of the professional medical staff, there are ten temporary employment. The package Shaorun admitted that these temporary employees, mainly responsible for the amount of height, weight and other "does not need a strong medical knowledge", but these people, "and without medical training." Among them, including the height of the child to the man involved in the case. The package Shaorun said, a hospital worker surnamed Liu is responsible for the hiring of temporary staff, has been suspended. Qianjiang Evening News reporter from the hospital sensitive相关的主题文章: