Wellgain building night leveled kicks off – Sohu news of Taiwan earthquake reconstruction-lata-01

The Crown Victoria Building razed overnight after the earthquake in Taiwan opened the prelude to the collapse of the Sohu news wingain Jinlong building rescue come to an end, the staff through the night rush, rush through road building by the permanent wingain truncation. (figure from Taiwan, when the electronic newspaper ") collapsed due to the earthquake in southern Taiwan wingain Jinlong building. (figure from Taiwan, when the electronic newspaper ") in February 15,   according to the Taiwan times" reported Chinese ", with the rescue work over the rubble of a collapsed building after the Dragon Crown Victoria, Tainan city lights night construction repair, 14 evening has been paved with asphalt, recovery of North-South two-way exchange. 10 days after the Tainan earthquake, re ushered in the permanent road heavy traffic, this morning will be the pace of reconstruction prelude. To start reconstruction of the Taiwan authorities, Executive Yuan is synchronized with the place, yesterday held a "0206 earthquake priority Disposal Research Conference, the Taiwan authorities, Executive Yuan spokesman Sun Liqun said, will use a special allocation of funds 20 billion yuan (NT, the same below), and the 921 earthquake reconstruction fund 5 billion yuan. Wellgain Jinlong building collapsed, lying on the road the road traffic is permanent, permanent car on weekdays bustling to interrupt. The rescue work 13, 4:20 in the afternoon come to an end, the construction unit since the day before yesterday night play night rush, shovel on the road embankment, on the morning of 14 north-south roads have been opened, with a sad memory of the Crown Victoria building into history. The disaster area yesterday still fire, police, public works, social, environmental protection bureau and military personnel a total of 635 people to deal with the aftermath, continue to clear debris and the morning laying with soil, Taiwan Defense Department and sent the Army Chemical Corps in the area around spraying disinfection. After the completion of large machines will also arm raised condolences to the victims. Tainan City Vice Mayor Ceng Xuzheng said, 14 days work in the disaster areas to repair and backfill pavement, finally asphalted, today to work day will be opened; wingain dragon in the basement of the building was not destroyed, and the internal part of the occupants of the vehicle for identification. After cleaning up the road, the rest of the building base has been surrounded by a fence. Mixed with the victims property building mounds in mining has put him at the other, kept by the police and prosecutors, victims of the future to be settled, and then to store the mound department to clean up the identified property; as for identification of difficult property, considered as suffering public funds, by the victims and their families to discuss the use of. For disaster relief, Taiwan city homes for the requisition of 14 command center, Rest Area families and the media center, with relief to an end, mayor Lai Qingde yesterday afternoon to receive fruit thanks. The Secretary General Chen Meiling said, the owner to requisition during the provision of water, electricity and related equipment, will choose to give a sum of subsidies, the other will be in accordance with the nearby rental market, pay rent. "Like a dream, finally woke up!" Wellgain Jinlong building collapsed in ninth days after the disaster recovery site, road 1 kilometers on both sides of Yongda nearly 100 homes, shops, from 6 onwards also entered the blockade, in order to rescue. By common consent residents said: "the only thing to do is to vacate the house, to the people in need!" 维冠大楼一夜夷平 揭开台湾地震灾后重建序幕-搜狐新闻   倒塌的维冠金龙大楼救援告一段落,工作人员彻夜赶工,抢通被维冠大楼截断的永大路。(图自台湾“中时电子报”) 因台湾南部地震而倒塌的维冠金龙大楼。(图自台湾“中时电子报”)   中新网2月15日电  据台湾《中国时报》报道,随着救援工作结束,倒塌的维冠金龙大楼废墟,经过台南市府连夜灯火通明的施工抢修,14日晚间已铺上柏油,恢复南北双向互通。台南震灾后10天,重新迎来车水马龙的永大路,今早将为灾后重建的步伐揭开序幕。  与地方同步展开重建的台当局“行政院”,昨召开“0206震灾优先处置事项研商会议”,台当局“行政院”发言人孙立群表示,将动用特别统筹分配款200亿元(新台币,下同),以及921震灾重建基金会50亿元。  维冠金龙大楼倒塌,横躺在永大路,平日车来熙攘的永大路交通也为之中断。搜救工作13日下午4时20分告一段落,施工单位自前天深夜起彻夜赶工,铲平道路上土石,14日上午南北向道路已打通,带着悲伤记忆的维冠大楼走入历史。  灾区昨仍有消防、工务、警察、社会、环保局处及军方人员共635人处理善后工作,上午持续清除土石兼铺上级配土,台防务部门并派遣陆军化学兵在灾区周遭喷药消毒。完工后,大型机具还将机械臂高举半空,向罹难者致哀。  台南市副市长曾旭正表示,14日的灾区工作要修复与回填路面,最后铺上柏油,今天上班日即可通车;维冠金龙大楼的地下室并未破坏,内部还有部分住户的车辆供指认。路面清理完毕后,剩下的大楼基地部分也已用围篱围住。  混着灾民财物的大楼土堆在挖掘后已另置他处,由检警保存,未来待灾民安顿妥当,再到储存土堆处清理指认财物;至于辨识有难度的财产,考虑作为受难公基金,由受灾户与家属讨论用途。  因应救灾,台南市府征用14户民宅做为指挥中心、家属休息区、媒体中心等,随着救灾告一段落后,市长赖清德昨天下午也逐户致赠水果感谢。市府秘书长陈美伶说,屋主于征用期间提供水、电及相关设备,将择日再给予一笔补贴金,另也会依照附近租屋行情,支付租金。  “亲像做一场梦,终于醒了!”维冠金龙大楼倒塌现场在灾后第9天复原,永大路长达1公里两侧近百住家、商店,从6日起也进入全区封锁,以利救援。住户们异口同声地说:“唯一能做的就是空出屋子,给有需要的人!”相关的主题文章: