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Wang Xiaodong: the first efforts to grasp the first priority   win the three Armageddon – local leaders — original title: from the first to the determined efforts to grasp the first priority to the determination to win the battle in September 30th three, (Hubei) the post disaster restoration and poverty alleviation work site will be held in Macheng city. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Xiaodong stressed that the current should earnestly carry out post disaster reconstruction, precise poverty alleviation and the decisive fourth quarter three key work, adhere to the "first degree" to the "top priority", to win the determination to fight the "three big battle", to win a complete victory in the economic and social development, surrender a satisfactory answer to the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the people of the province. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Fu Dehui, provincial Party committee, organization department minister Yu Shaoliang, vice governor of, mayor of Wuhan, attended the meeting on behalf of the mayor of the city of China, the provincial Party committee secretary general. Wang Xiaodong pointed out that the key to post disaster recovery and reconstruction, the key is to post disaster reconstruction as a critical battle to fight, as a major opportunity to seize. To do a good job with greater determination of post disaster reconstruction, firmly establish the "development ideas to people as the center", seize the opportunity, for the disaster, enhance the ability and level of the disaster response test. To promote post disaster reconstruction with stronger efforts, has always been to protect the basic livelihood of the affected people as the first task, before the Spring Festival to ensure all affected people move into new homes; accelerate the restoration and reconstruction of infrastructure, manpower resources to concentrate on accomplishing a few pieces of foundation, and the overall and long-term control of big things; push forward the agriculture to resume production, vigorously support new business entities, leading enterprises to carry out the production of self-help, do everything possible to help farmers increase income; establish the "project, quality first" concept, to ensure that housing, transportation, electricity and other infrastructure reconstruction quality inspection, restore reconstruction work after the disaster of history and the people stand. To support the disaster fund more satisfying reconstruction, co-ordination and integration of various kinds of financial funds, actively seek more investment projects included in the national big plate, accelerate the promotion of PPP model leveraging private investment channels to solve the problem of funds. Want to be more strict discipline to protect the recovery and reconstruction, adherence to political discipline, financial discipline and work discipline, and should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, strict engineering quality, the use of funds, and safety, for discipline violations zero tolerance". Wang Xiaodong requirements, decisive battle against poverty, we must fully grasp the political nature of poverty alleviation, arduous, precise, and strengthen the real dry, stimulate enthusiasm, shoulder the political responsibility for poverty alleviation. To adhere to the quasi real guidance on poverty alleviation object quickly carry out the "look back" "verification", determined to complete the relocation task easily, improve infrastructure and public service level, accelerate the development of industries with local advantages, adhere to the poverty alleviation schedule obey deficient quality, avoid anxious, flood irrigation, do more accurate object flashy without substance, poverty, measures more real, more strict responsibility. To carry forward the spirit of self-reliance, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and the masses of the poor areas, to promote the spirit of poverty, changing by the tragic brand for the "passion" brand, the implementation of county party responsible for poverty and responsibility, with excellent leadership team, built a strong fort branch, to escape from poverty battle with a powerful locomotive "". To stick to the cohesive force相关的主题文章: