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Wang Feng partner Wu Ning: intelligent headset 3 to 5 years the popularity of science and technology – Sohu said in the front in late October 25th 20 -22, a class Tuesday lecture, this is a class twenty-second. The speaker is FIIL headset CTO Wu Ning, the theme is "a new revolution old headset". Headphones in the past has been a very slow change in the industry, but in recent years, wireless, intelligent trends. With Wang Feng, Peng Jinzhou founded FIIL in March last year, Wu Ning, in two hours of lectures and interactive, intelligent and wireless headset to share their thoughts and judgment. (a class of wearable industry WeChat group is now open 100 places, the mobile phone headset, and wearable devices can be added to the WeChat zhidxone application to join the chi chi) is part of the following excerpt points: 1, intelligent light. "AI, voice interaction, these technologies are not good enough, the product can be considered ‘light intelligence’. Intelligence in the context of FIIL, is more of the needs of users and the scene based on what we know, in accordance with the technology and understanding of the product, to give consumers some intimate functionality and ease of use, rather than hardware blind superposition." 2, application scenarios. Wireless noise reduction and convenient manipulation has been fully recognized by the market just need. Under the moving scene, the pace is also just need to play the heart rate. Along with it, there are some user personalization settings and firmware updates have proven to be very welcome users." 3, the current market size of smart headphones is not large, in the early stages of the industry change, FIIL is the representative of the smart phone manufacturers, large-scale popularity is expected in the next 3 to 5 years. Intelligent wireless headset has become the trend of the market this year, the most dominant headset, wireless headset market share has increased significantly compared to 2015, FIIL has entered the wireless products, at the same time BEATS the introduction of new products this year is mainly the wireless, BOSE, etc. the traditional Sennheiser headset manufacturers in the second half of this year in the high-end products have a wireless based. 4, voice interaction. "I’d like to talk about voice interaction alone. Vision is very beautiful, natural man-machine interaction, but there are some technical bottlenecks, so we have more of this function as a user to bring fun, or a small number of users in a particular context to use function. At present, this is an added value to our products, not the most significant product interests." 5, the common feature of smart headphones is that there will be chips and software, carrying its brand for the user needs and the definition of the scene, how to give the user a better experience. Apple W1 chip development is also the reason. 6, "do not be headset, electro acoustic devices, but in doing one can access the mobile Internet smart embedded devices. Headphone manufacturers need to be exposed to various areas of technology, broaden their horizons, and better integration of product systems I say the system, because in FIIL, hardware – firmware -APP- Internet – content is connected together." 7, headset manufacturers need to develop towards the direction of wireless, we have to design a.相关的主题文章: