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Wang, Andy Lau recommended by Anti Japanese war movie premiere Jackie Chan one finds the Sohu "Railway" Flying Tiger entertainment entertainment news conference site according to Sohu in October 25th, the movie "Flying Tiger" railway held a press conference in beijing. Press conference, the director Ding Sheng starring Jackie Chan, Wang Dalu, Wang Kai, Qi Qi debut. This is the first time in mainland China starred in Anti Japanese War theme movie. The conference site, the official disclosed for the first time, Wang man stills, Jackie Chan during the big brother and the director Ding Cheng was asked why the king, the young blood to join the Ministry of war theme movie, brother Jackie Chan and Ding Sheng said: "the king, plays a major role with Piqi, then we for a long time did not find suitable candidates. Andy Lau once in the known "Railway" flying tiger still lack such a major role, and I will find him, said: I work with a movie "my girl" which the actor, feel fullness handsome potential, worthy of attention. Because of Andy Lau’s recommendation, we devoted to the Internet to search his information, see the photo of the moment, so that we have a look at the king of the continent, that is, he!" The king asked the media scene, to star in the film have what idea, he said: "I have been concerned about big brother Jackie Chan and director of the work, this time with Jackie Chan and Jackie Ding Sheng director, honored is also looking forward to. At that time that the solicitation, no script, in my mind what all don’t want to, only one sense: I go!" Straight talk a scene attracted laughter. It is reported that the film "railway Flying Tiger" will be released nationwide in December 30, 2016.   相关的主题文章: