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Visit the Torghut descendants of the nomadic life and nature – Beijing be closely related and mutually dependent and static in new network on 12 September, (Shi Yujiang) "horse, snow capped mountains, grasslands…… This is my favorite life." A Torghut youth in the movie. Let people half believe and half doubt. For some time, young people have pursued a modern way of life, and the protection of ancient traditions is not their wish. But now, in the depths of the Tianshan Mountains, comfortable life of Turehot people still live a traditional nomadic life, they by water migration, and be closely related and mutually dependent nature. Recently, Beijing reporters came to Xinjiang Hejing County Guo Bayin Leng Xiang, trying to visit away from towns and tourist attractions of the Turehot people’s traditional life. It is understood that the Torghut people live mostly in Xinjiang, Bayinguoleng, Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of Turehot about 40 thousand people, nearly 30 thousand people in Hejing County, nearly 80% heritage animal life. Mongolia package top support canvas wood hanging on strings of dried mushrooms. Shi Yujiang photo records, the steppe nomads is originally from Volga River area to the East back Turehot Mongolian descent, in eighteenth Century their predecessors wrote to the East Grand National History, now they are still living in the light of heart from care this piece of prairie. August summer has passed, the valley is still an oasis. At the roadside to see "wild animal" signs of white Mongolia bags scattered on the hillside and river, some seem high bar on the hillside, as well as the description of "the secret history of Mongolia" on the "Daur Duo" as the top projection, with a unique style and is even. According to local people, this package is very warm in the cold winter in Mongolia, do not need too much fuel. The bag hanging on the wooden cow shoulder bone carving decorations. Photo by Shi Yujiang Guo Bayin shocked distance and quiet town 300 kilometers, is said to be a village far away, under the jurisdiction of three villages, more than and 50 existing herders, each about 500 acres of pasture. The hospitality of the traditional life elements of modern day, we drove off the road 217, a road bump in the open prairie, although the sun is blazing, but very cool. Off-road vehicles driving 17 kilometers, slowly to a Mongolia package near the busy Turehot people have seen us, with a shiny copper bowl end out fresh milk to meet up. Mongolia hostess named Ma Lan Gehry, is here the property (nomadic property is relatively abundant livestock) households, has nearly 800 sheep, cattle head ten. She has three Mongolia bags, one self occupied, one kitchen, one room (similar to our living room). Milk into the belly, Ma Lan Gehry will be introduced in Mongolia, which stood a guest on the round table, spread on top of some Boolean g, but also placed a pot of yogurt, a pimple milk and a dish of butter, seat, he brought us hot tea. The Mongolia package appearance structure still retains the original style, composed of two pieces of thick canvas surrounded by wooden cross in a circle around the top of the center, leaving a skylight, Torghut called "sky". Inside and outside the package has a modern element. Mongolia pack out相关的主题文章: