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The U.S. special forces by the Syrian opposition drive users: dog owner – US Sohu Military Channel text with map: American soldiers were driven. Text with map: users of this incident response. "The cross!" "Pagan!" "Get out of here!" According to the Reuters reported on September 17th, 6 U.S. special forces in Syria rebels Syria free army under the deterrence of the town of Syria and Turkey border left al-Rai. It is reported that the Turkey army has crossed the border of Syria to combat the Islamic State Organization (ISIS), Turkey confirmed that the United States in the military operations in Syria played the role of support and assistance. Currently, a video in the social media twitter crazy pass. Video, a group of armed opposition in Syria gathered in the town square, shouting anti American slogans. "Down with the United states!" "Get out, you this group of rats!" "They came to Syria, they wanted to occupy us!" "Pig!" "The cross!" "We don’t need any Americans to fight for us." "we are Muslims. We are not heretics!" According to Reuters, a U.S. official and a senior opposition commander confirmed that the opposition has a strong anti American sentiment in the United States to protest the ongoing activities. Later, the opposition issued a statement, stressing their opposition to the u.s.. "We are still fighting in Aleppo with the rest of the free army, and we are still a member of the liberal army. We oppose fighting alongside Americans, because they are pro Kurdish terrorists (PKK). We will stop fighting until American forces leave the area." Reported that the Kurdish militants in Syria is currently in a number of areas and other anti Bashar regime has been the main force of the Syria freedom army launched a fierce battle. Their interest in the establishment of an independent Kurdish regime close to Turkey and Iraq is much more than that of the so-called Syria national committee. The US State Department spokesman John Kirby? Proposed Syria opposition remarks is not appropriate. He pointed out that the opposition is not strong, but Kirby also praised Turkey in North Syria action results. Kirby said: "we know that Turkey and the opposition forces need to fight, and they do it successfully. So let’s focus on our main goal, to prevent the expansion of the Islamic state." Northwestern University political science professor Marx? Abraham said in an interview: "we have noticed that in Muslim countries who sent troops to the United States, whether Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria, we are always seen as the enemy, as occupiers. The image is even in Syria’s moderate opposition, but we spend billions of dollars to help them grow." According to CNN reports, The Pentagon said they had organized forty special forces officers and men to participate in military operations in Turkey. The Pentagon said the union.相关的主题文章: