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Two men riding a stolen in the police interrogation report to each other each other – Beijing theft arrested in Chongqing on 23 October, (Li Minggang Liu Xianglin) two men riding a stolen vehicle in case of police interrogation, unable to provide Car Buying procedures, to get to the police report: the Department of each of the stolen stolen cars. Reporter 23, from Chongqing, Rongchang police was informed that the police were arrested on suspicion of theft by the criminal detention of two. Police said, October 16th morning, Rongchang District Public Security Bureau police station Changyuan police patrol in the area, found near the patrol to the stadium, a total of two men riding a new electric car, electric car lock pry marks. Two people see the police flustered, police then approached the inventory. The face of the police inquiry, two people can not provide a driver’s license, vehicle license, and can not explain the origin of the motorcycle, the man was riding a man actually took the initiative to report that the car was stolen. See each other report, Wang also immediately admitted to the police, and his partner Wu stole the car, and that the tools of crime is still in Wu who. Police immediately in Wu who found the knife, pliers and other tools of crime. Faced with the evidence, two people confessed to the crime of theft of electric vehicles. Two people confessed, the same day at 1 am, when they pass through a cell found that a car parked outside the district is not locked, the car looks fashionable. Two people will carry tools forcibly break the lock, and stole the electric car. At present, the suspect Wu, Wang suspicion of theft has been Rongchang police criminal detention, the case is still further processing.相关的主题文章: