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Turn off the lights, and give us an interesting experiment. Sohu technology visitors, welcome to visit my lab is the singularity of life more than the Archie experiment. As an excellent laboratory assistant, Archie every day in the probe (Zuo), (SI) on the road did not stop. Recently a forensic web series is very red, Archie on this kind of criminal drama has always been very interested in, because many criminal investigation means to us is closely related to the scientific experiments. The most common is the use of Lumino solution to test blood, visitors should be seen in the film and television drama. At the scene of the crime, drop the luminol, turn off the lights, and the blood will shine in the dark. Let the crime have no place to hide! The cow is forced! Light is called "luminol" thing, also known as "light nitrogen", is a relatively stable chemical reagent. Archie especially love this stuff, because it can offer Archie girl home to work in just ways to turn off the lights… The experiment was done. Did not expect to be used to test the blood reagents can also make so beautiful? Lu Mino why light? In fact, Lumino is a yellow crystal or powder under normal conditions, only treated with oxidants will shine. The mixed solution of hydrogen peroxide and a commonly used alkali hydroxide as activator, in catalytic iron compounds, hydrogen peroxide decomposition of water and oxygen. Lumino reacted with hydroxide to produce a double negative ion, which can be oxidized by hydrogen peroxide decomposition of oxygen to generate excited state of 3- two amino benzoic acid. In the transition from the excited state to the ground state, the energy released is in the form of photons. The iron compound used as a catalyst in forensic medicine is the iron in hemoglobin. The experiment is certainly not for Archie blood, if true blood, should never pick up the archie… I am ready to split line experimental materials Lumino 30% sodium hydroxide solution concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) red blood salt (potassium ferricyanide) or potassium ferrocyanide (K4Fe) water glass beaker electronic scale > spoon; > > > Lumino said 0.2 grams into the beaker. At this time Lumino or powder like, visitors do not look like it like pepper taste two. Lumino is strong, have a certain stimulating effect on the glasses, skin, respiratory tract, so visitors should pay attention to the safety of the lab, careful operation, to learn archie. > > > > then pour about half a litre of water and a few drops of sodium hydroxide solution, stirring until completely dissolved. It is easy to dissolve in alkaline solution, so it should stir it into a cup of yellow liquid, like beer… (see you still do not drink, anyway, do not drink ~ ~) > > > > and then pour about 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide (concentration of 30%), the legendary Lumino reagent is equipped with. Well, it’s bad for the tourists.相关的主题文章: