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Trump "contrarian comeback after the election will face tear new network new network in the United States in November – 10, (Zhang Aijing, Zhang Weijie) comprehensive report, after anxious waiting, the 2016 U.S. presidential election results announced at 9 am local time — the Republican candidate Trump won more than 270 votes, was elected the next the president of the United states. From the real estate tycoon to the president, the election of the alternative candidate Trump seems unexpected, but it is the trend". Over the next four years, how will he lead the United States, and can the United States, as promised in his campaign promises, "be strong again?" Everything needs time to test. One is never served as a public property tycoon, is a white house experienced veteran of political diplomacy, for American voters, choose the latter to lead the country seems to be more sensible choice, many people forecast before voting harmonic media also showed that compared with the Republican candidate Trump, Democrat Hilary is more likely to be elected president of the United states. But with a number of key state polls opened up 8 in the evening local time, the United States in the 2016 general election drama began to appear "reverse", and in a few hours after the arrival of the so many surprise ending. Trump was elected president, the results of so many people exclaimed sighing about Hilary. But experts pointed out that from the current situation in the United States, Trump’s election is actually the trend". China Foreign Affairs University professor Li Haidong in an interview with Xinhua reporters said that Obama’s 8 years in power, the United States economy to maintain a low growth, a large number of ordinary people do not benefit from economic growth at the same time, Congress political struggle intensified, repeatedly impasse, all these made people on the political elite high dissatisfaction, but also to promote the "non mainstream" the candidates come to the fore, eventually elected president. Renmin University of China University of International Relations vice president Jin Canrong Beijing said that as a part of American political system, American mainstream media down voters against the existing political system’s voice before the vote in the general election, resulting in unequal information. Trump was elected, because these silent grassroots power finally audible. However, experts and analysts also pointed out that the American people choose Trump, is not necessarily true recognition of him, it may be compared to the light of the two evils". "The American public is not satisfied with the two candidates, but there is no way, only to choose between the two, there may be other voters to vote for the third fourth party." Guo Xiangang, deputy director of the China Institute of international studies. Local time on November 9th, New York, Manhattan, Trump appeared after the general election campaign night rally, delivered a victory speech. Behind him was his running mate, Burns. 9 am local time, Trump in New York’s campaign headquarters announced the election. However, after the victory of joy, he will face a political struggle was dragged down by political chaos serious terribly fatigued, tearing the United states. Guo Xiangang, deputy director of the China Institute of international studies, pointed out that the U.S. economy is facing difficulties, rising unemployment, people living water.相关的主题文章: