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The "trump card" with ace all star   screen; the incarnation of Wu Yue gold medal killer – entertainment channel, directed by Jing Wong, Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Wu Yue, Ouyang Nana, Xie Yilin and other luxury Star Portrait appeared in the action comedy "ace ace" tease in September 30th to meet with the majority of fans, opened the National Day laughter tour! Field strength rolling killer Wu Yue mad tyrants "trump card" ace debut funny is the story of God? ‘(Andy Lau) and the Luo Jia Hao (Huang Xiaoming) joined forces in A dream (Wong Cho Lam ornaments), Luo Jia Xin (Ouyang Nana ornaments) help, and the Iron Eagle (Wu Yueshi) a terrorist organization led by the world snatch "God seed" Indiana adventure story save the world. As a threat in the film villain, "ace ace" each tense plot funny people are not always on tenterhooks in Wu Yue "engaged in business". In the role of collective funny posing sell adorable, laughing, the strength of Kung Fu superstar Wu Yue, a black terror field immediately stunning debut, suffocating, so fighting the villain, let the people shouted "unable to resist sustain the blows"! Ignore the notorious Wu Yueshuai occupation killer cool new height "trump card" in addition to tease ace comedy elements easily hilarious, also with a visual cool fighting action game. As the only Kung Fu Star crew, Wu Yue is undoubtedly the action of the play. Wu Yue plays the villain Iron Eagle, Andy Lau is a pedestrian in the biggest hurdle on the road to save the world. In the face of strong combination of "exploration?" and "rogue", Wu Yue calmly, staged another round of tensions in the fight scene. In order to obtain God’s seed whereabouts, the goddess Qi Wei and Ouyang Nana set the notorious Wu Yue entrap into the Bureau, how don’t badger into Wu Yue’s eye! Opportunistic strategy failed, Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming had to "just" Wu Yue. It was the first time the confrontation, but the three did not hide the strength, lock shoulder bone, the left leg is inserted, make you hooked. Second confrontation, fighting battle upgrade process is full of black technology, even if only to catch the faint sound of human breathing (25 dB), the corridor killing organs can be triggered, metal shield can be instantly cut in half. Wu Yue and Huang Xiaoming in dealing with this situation at the same time, also staged a kind of meat, recruit a deadly melee, dazzling, agonistic. The image of "people" to subvert the consistent change in the pluralistic development of "2" this year marks the chills of Hong Kong Style gangster film, Wu Yue was the first to break through the traditional martial arts hero image, subversive as villain camp in masked bandits". Wu Yue exquisite performances, a drop of tears with the villain in death interesting, let all people worried more female audience moved to tears on the spot. As the sinister venomous Iron Eagle again in the "trump card" with ACE, forcing the heroes to play a trump card. After Wu Yue, by virtue of martial arts and acting through the different now known to every family, the villain’s interpretation, the diversified development of an actor. "The trump card to play the trump card," the stars shine, big gathering, waiting for you to.   (commissioning editor: Jiang Bo, Li Yan)相关的主题文章: