Together with the ghost Yunnan star long executives for bank loans more than 1 billion yuan in Beiji ssdao

Together with the "ghost" Yunnan "star long" executives for bank loans more than 1 billion yuan – Beijing Beijing in October 14 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) in order to obtain loans, the Yunnan Star Long Investment Development Holdings Limited by the alleged false materials, fraudulent bank loans more than 1 billion yuan. The original Star of the company’s 3 senior executives for allegedly defrauding loans, bill acceptance, was indicted by the public prosecutor’s office, a bank staff also tried. Former vice president of the company, the president of the financial operations center, financial operations center manager, all sat on the dock. 14, Kunming city Wuhua District People’s court held a public hearing in Kunming city Wuhua District People’s Procuratorate accused unit of Yunnan Star Long Investment Holdings Limited, the defendant read some allegedly fraudulent loans, promissory notes and other charges. In August 10, 2016, the Wuhua court accepted the case, the prosecutor accused: during the period from August 2013 to January 2015, the defendant unit star long group company false land housing signed a maximum mortgage contract with a bank, vice president of a defendant accused unit star long group concept, financial operations center president Jiang Renbo accused of financial arrangements for business operations three center manager defendant Liu Liang et al., on behalf of the associated company of Yunnan Changzheng Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Yafei star long group, in order to apply for liquidity or purchase of goods in the name of the use of false purchase and sale contract transactions such as background material to the bank to apply for loans and bank acceptance bills, has made the bank loans loans 6 pen, the amount of 273 million 100 thousand yuan, after the return of the loan of RMB 30 million yuan; and The bank has issued 34 bank acceptances, the amount of RMB 996 million 500 thousand yuan, to pay bank acceptances margin of $279 million 200 thousand. The above bank funds are used for the repayment of loans to individuals and units of the group and its affiliated companies. As of December 2015, the long march star group company loans in the bank’s overdue return, acceptance bank advance. From July 2014 to January 2015, the defendant Lining in the unit star long group bank credit shortage, accept the accused unit Star Long Group Company of the trust, the bank served as the vice manager of the Department responsible for the customers convenience star long group business office, unauthorized bank credit system in the company’s acceptance star long group the amount of margin, inflated star long corporation credit line to Star Long March group company loans 2 pen, the amount of 111 million 600 thousand yuan, issued by the bank acceptance bill 21 pen, the amount of 734 million yuan. During the period from July 2014 to November, the defendant unit star long group company for the company to help for the defendant Lining, the company president Chen Moumou (handled separately) agreed by the defendant Jiang Renbo for the company’s financial staff, through the star long Corporation Yunnan days a logistics limited company, Yunnan Zhi Chen trade Co. Ltd. and Yunnan Yuxi Yulin industry and Trade Co., Ltd. respectively to the bank account designated by the defendant Lining four times into benefits)相关的主题文章: