To laugh is bangs pit actress is really a lot of ssport

To laugh is bangs "pit" actress is really a lot of lead: always think cut bangs can cover the face and age? That may not be! First consider what must be cut before you really fit the bangs? Whatever the answer, there will still be many people never do all kinds of attempts, after all, life is frustrating. (source: red show) baby, such as baby students, not long ago, or before the forehead of a bright, combing the two days of the small plait, exposed his Bi (Dou) skin. It is also tired of watching, recently the love for hair small chose to return once the sudden bang modelling. The woman is always in the long to short to stay in a state of constant cycle…… Cut the head and said cutting head is cut, the original Star cut hair and we almost ah ~ (nonsense, what else is it?) Black long straight hair as a second back student cut end up such a long black long straight hair as a second back student. Baby new hairstyle hair with red lips, are always the fashion classic. This group of photos seen baby, estimated that many people have rushed to the barber shop, yelling at the photo as a cut bangs. Baby’s new hair back, baby bangs style always can let a person shine at the moment, either pure fresh schoolgirl, Japanese or fashionable western style of wind. But even she had been "the pit" bangs…… The massive false false heavy bangs bangs seemed lifeless and dull, will let the whole head ratio becomes strange; the messy right oblique bangs? We assume it is the effect of the wind. Ma Su is also a bang modelling, here is Ma Su effect…… Well, embarrassed, did not recognize her figure. Wrong wrong fake fake bangs bangs, you wear to the beautification again beautiful, certainly is the "black list". "From scratch." But worthy of praise is the point Ma Su attitude is very good, was friends Tucao did not mind, but also the way at once: "again." "The dog bite type bangs goodbye" "dog bite type bangs goodbye". Fortunately, if it is false bangs cut may not be so quickly thrown it away. Of course, is "the pit" bangs the actress, Ma Su can be more than one. Sun Li proved the empress really not suitable for flat bangs, especially in the eyebrow length. Zhang Yuqi is always beautiful Zhang Yuqi was pulled down the temple of bangs…… This is the legendary don’t offend the stylist’s fate? Fan Ye Fan Ye Hua Xianzi Liu mixed, some people say that ancient Xian Qi, also said to overexert…… The large power power power power did not escape the robbery, Grazia can feel after a single "who was hurt false fringe female star". Angel Liu Yifei cut short bangs, Xian Qi halved…… Suggest that you cut Liu Haiqian or more and barber communication is good, otherwise it is very likely that you want to do so, cut out into that…… For the hard to cut, beauty ~ Liu family.相关的主题文章: