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Divors Saving your marriage might be tough, but you can certainly ac.plish it. No matter how bad things may look, it is possible to preserve your vows, .mitment and special relationship. You can even save a marriage even if you’re the only spouse motivated to take action. Does that sound unlikely? I can understand if you have some doubts. We’ve been taught (and rightfully so) that marriage is a partnership. So how can a person save a marriage if their spouse doesn’t seem interested in preventing divorce? This is one of those things where conventional wisdom just does not withstand close scrutiny. It "makes sense" to believe that both partners need to be involved, but reality just doesn’t bear that out. Consider this: According to one noted relationship expert, only 20% of those couples who go through joint marriage counseling are able to save their marriages. Only 20%. Obviously, teamwork isn’t a guarantee of success. On the other hand, the author of one popular "save your marriage" title maintains that nearly 80% of his clients are successful while making use of a plan that only needs action by a single mate. That’s a 400% improvement over "conventional wisdom". The fact of the matter is that behavior on the part of one spouse will inevitably set off a chain of events that can positively impact the marriage overall. For the reason that marriage is a partnership, it follows that a change in one part of the equation will make a big difference in every area. That is why it’s possible to begin saving your marriage even if your mate is not ready to jump on board. By doing the right things in the right way, you can take actions that will transform the larger picture. Your individual actions can result in saving your marriage. All it takes is the a willingness to make a change and the right blueprint for action. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: