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This golden week Samsung empty net huge benefits 1999 yuan – Digital Sohu the expectations of the eleven golden week is coming, with the number of trips 750 million figure eleven holidays last year, I believe many people will recall eleven of last year’s tragic experience, with the highway moreish, airtight crowd to can’t do anything so, the travel experience always makes a good mood instantly vanished. Think of this year’s small holiday approaching, what is going to stay, many people still hesitant. Recently, many "otaku" party began to self ridicule on the Internet, called themselves the lazy cancer patients, about eleven of the holiday travel, do not hesitate to choose at home. After all, their choice to rural wilderness fatigued by a long journey to enjoy fresh air, not to have a clean indoor air Samsung air purifier, enjoy the quiet leisurely holiday time. Samsung national explosion, advance purchase Youpin October 1st -10 8, Samsung empty net not only in the major platform for the next line launch promotional activities, more Jingdong in the mall launched "boiling mad Hui net day, enjoy" the huge benefit activities, will be able to purchase a combination of high quality and outstanding performance of the air purifier. In the national Jingdong have begun to advance purchase activities, Samsung flagship store a variety of explosive goods purifier substantial benefit. Among them, with up to 86 square meters of clean area in addition to haze king KJ719F-K7580WW air purifier eleven booking panic buying price from 7990 yuan to 6990 yuan; in addition to formaldehyde enhanced KJ713G-K7050WD air purifier eleven booking panic buying price from 6990 yuan to 5990 yuan; the formaldehyde enhanced KJ393G-K5050WD air purifier eleven reservation price from 3990 yuan to panic buying in addition to small and medium-sized household 2899 yuan of space use; "haze removal ability" KJ399F-K5580WW air purifier eleven reservation price panic buying also straight down 300 yuan. In addition, Samsung also launched a cleaner flagship store to buy gifts, prizes and other promotions comments, meet the shopping needs of consumers, detonated eleven consumer frenzy. Samsung intelligent design, lazy life should have a good quality and low price is not the same as Samsung’s empty net product strategy, giving consumers the best product experience is always strive to pursue the goal of Samsung electronics. Samsung Electronics after half a century of technical precipitation, both in terms of brand strength or quality assurance, are very prominent performance, over the years to get a good evaluation and feedback of global consumers. On the occasion of the eleven period, Samsung brand to attract the attention of consumers is not only the focus of people’s prices, more consumers are recognized for the quality and performance of samsung. Samsung in addition to haze king KJ719F-K7580WW air purifier for example, the CADR value is 719m³ H particles CCM value up to 189000mg, up to 15.7 times the highest level of the new GB standard of P4; KJ719F-K7580WW is also equipped with PM2.5, PM10, gaseous pollutants of three independent sensors, real-time monitoring of indoor.相关的主题文章: