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The village cadres in the land building rental relevant departments misfiring original title: cultivated land forest sound report suspected Woodland Change plant recently, "Legal Daily" reporter received a report from the masses, Weibin plain district town of Xinxiang city in Henan Province eight in village of the original village cadres in the village of Meng Guanglin, close to the South Loop of more than and 10 acres of arable land. Construction of the plant. From building a factory at the beginning, the villagers went to the Weibin District Commission, Xinxiang City Land Resources Bureau of the first branch, District Planning Bureau and other departments constantly reflect the situation, hoping to stop the illegal acts. However, while the villagers reflect the plant side of the building, a year in the land, planning, urban construction, urban management and other departments misfiring. Reporters immediately investigate the matter for investigation. Cui Xiangcheng is one of the eight villagers to reflect the problem. He told reporters: more than a year, I ran from the unit to the unit, legs are running off. The staff are tired of running, the plant eventually covered up." "This is the village collective land, the village committee director Meng Guanglin by another, like this, contracted 18 acres of arable land, and building lease in the above." As soon as Cui Xiangcheng mentioned it, he was on fire. It is understood that the combination of camp village in eight in Xinxiang urban and rural areas, adjacent to the Nanhuan Road, location and convenient transportation, crowded, is the choice for the economic development. Before 1999, the 18 acres of arable land has been in the village of rice, in 2004, this piece of land was contracted to Meng Guanglin. "The name was Meng Guanglin deputy director of the village committee told the villagers, to the villagers to welfare, want to engage in a logistics park here, and so built, give the village to provide jobs, the villagers hope to support." Cui said to the villagers, said support heard this news, he will also own the land to the village committee. The logistics park and did not start building in the village of expectation, the contractor Meng Guanglin just planted a lot of trees. Until 2014, Meng Guanglin began to cut the trees down when building be busy at putting up installations, the villagers realized that might be fooled. "I understand that, 10 years ago, the nature of this piece of land has been changed into woodland." Cui Xiangcheng and other villagers thought they seemed to fall into a trap that had been premeditated. Because, Meng Guanglin is the nature of the land and the village committee signed the contract, in the contract period of land nature how quietly changed? Since there is a contract, then the contractor and the village will have a contract. Reporters saw Cui Xiangwu, director of the village committee in the village eight. When the reporter asked to see the village preservation contract, Cui Xiangwu said with a wry smile, when he was director of the village committee for two years, had never seen the village retained the contract, the contract is absolutely ignorant of. Last year, the contractor handed over a contract to the village committee." Cui Xiangwu said, before the contract fee is the contractor for the village committee and the top account will write off. Cui Xiangwu does not want too much comment left before the village committee. He only stressed that Meng Guanglin contracted 18 acres of arable land, the original is the standard of rice, cultivated by the contractor is changed into woodland change. Star相关的主题文章: