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The two man hunting pheasant gun did not hit to raise chicken scattered by new network detention – Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Lu Gongxuan) 12 morning, Liuhe Kuah police station received the alarm people steal, steal a thief holding gun was driving a red QQ car fled. Police quickly dispatched to the red QQ car in the Chang Gang Road intercept, and seized a loaded gun in the back seat of the car. The car two men surnamed Wang and song, was taken to the police station investigation confessed that they are sister uncle Wang in Yangzhou, business hotel, song is engaged in the decoration of small boss. A month ago, Wang and song chat said in the autumn of the venison fat and sweet, want to get something to eat venison, and revealed that he buy parts to build a gun through the Internet, it is better to take the fight to the pheasant. The two hit it off, the song offered to open his car to take him to the Liuhe wild pheasant fight. On the morning of the day, two people drove the car to the field turned a few hours and did not see a pheasant, after dawn did see local residents keeping hens foraging in the field. Imagine playing two hens in the field will not be found. So, Wang hiding in the car window, aimed at the backyard chicken shot, hit two, Wang picking up here and put in the trunk, then fled. Since then, they gained more than ten times out. The morning of the 12 day, they drove to Kuah, Wang aimed at an old hen, because did not hit the key, with the old hen ran to the village, the song was found after the past. At present, Wang, song alleged theft was under criminal detention. After identification, Wang held a gun is compressed gas as the driving force of firearms, causing injury. Wang was arrested for illegal possession of the 1 gun case.相关的主题文章: