The trickster Ma attended the summit stunt high ticket scalping cheated 200 thousand ghost observer

The trickster Ma attended the summit gimmick high ticket scalping cheat 200 thousand Ma has not appeared, the event began to stir. (video screenshot provided by the police). Original title: Ma Lairong? The tickets sold more than 600 people turned out to be a hoax fooled, the suspected fraud has been Chengdu jingfangxingju Taurus Alibaba official told micro-blog "Ma Lairong" message over the rumor. The most formal specification of the poster, with an air of importance venue, website promotion…… Would you have thought that it was all a hoax? At the end of August, many Chengdu people’s circle of friends is a message scraper: "in August 28th, Ma will come to Chengdu for a summit, the fare from 400 yuan to 10000 yuan." However, when a lot of people to grab votes ", for the idol in the best of spirits, but Ma Yun has not appeared. September 7th, West China Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau Jinniu District branch, on suspicion of fraud, the release of information and planning the matter has been under criminal detention according to law. Propaganda Ma attended the summit? Tickets to fry million Ma to attend a summit in Chengdu, do you want to see?" "Really, want to buy a ticket? Not expensive?" WeChat can buy a ticket, ask first." At the end of August, Chengdu public Chen Rui (a pseudonym) of the circle of friends, is called a "Ma Lairong, you dare Wanna date me? "Article shuabing. The article said that in August 28th, the Alibaba founder Jack Ma will serve as "special guests", held in Chengdu to participate in a "future leaders economic trends Summit Forum" thinking "". The more than and 30 year old Chen Rui runs a small company, always admired Ma Yun, that idol will come to Chengdu, but also to share the experience, he is very excited, immediately put the article forwarded to a few friends, soon to get everyone’s response to. According to the text of the "buying", Chen Rui contacted by WeChat responsible for the activities of the staff, the purchase of 6 tickets, each $480. August 28th at 1 in the afternoon, Chengdu, California Hotel, building on the ground floor of the building, this is called the future economic trend of the summit of the scene on the scene of the crowd, all of whom are directed at Ma came to the. Yibin’s Hu Xue (a pseudonym) is one of them. In the morning, she sat 3 hours from Yibin to Chengdu in advance, arrived at the venue, happily waiting for Ma Yun, "to close the successful, very rare, farther to." The people of Chengdu Ning bought 5 tickets in the fourth row, originally each $2800, because there are acquaintances, only received 2400 yuan." It is understood that the first row of tickets and even sold 10000 yuan a. The "summit" held on time, not always in accordance with the original Ma Yun propaganda, summit will be held at 2 p.m., but the time is approaching, the scene is still a mess, hundreds of square meters of the venue filled with people. Until 2:30 p.m., the summit finally began. However, we look forward to the Ma, has not been seen, on the stage, only a small unknown man said in a camp相关的主题文章: