The teacher was expelled from the Lanzhou cancer behind the court ruled invalid to the implementatio

The teacher was expelled from the Lanzhou cancer: behind the court ruled invalid to the implementation of Beijing School – Liu Lingli is a teacher of LanZhou JiaoTong University post College, during her cancer treatment, but was subsequently expelled from school to absenteeism, Liu Lingli filed a lawsuit to the court, but in the second instance court, judge dismissal invalid situation, the school did not fulfill the court decision, until Miss Liu Lingli died, then the school does not fulfill the judgment of the act is illegal, and how to protect the rights and interests of workers in, take a look at the teacher’s unfortunate experience. [cancer] female teachers was expelled from school in August 2012, graduated from the Graduate School of Liu Lingli, entered the LanZhou JiaoTong University post College, became an English teacher. In June 2014, Liu Lingli suddenly felt pain in the waist. As it was at the end of the semester, Liu Lingli intends to wait for the students to finish the test and then leave to check. July 2014, just after the 30 year old Liu Lingli lived in the Gansu Provincial People’s Hospital, underwent further examination, the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. After discharge, Liu Lingli’s mother, with her daughter went to Beijing to inspect the work of the Department of foreign languages, and the director of the office of Liu Shuqin to leave Liu Lingli. Liu Lingli’s mother, Liu Shuqin, said he asked me how long it would take you. They may not be very clear about this Liu director, he did not say anything. He said you were the first to heal. According to Liu Lingli’s mother said, in January 12, 2015, from Beijing to see the disease back to Lanzhou on the road, the daughter received a phone call Bowen college. Liu Lingli’s mother, Liu Shuqin, they called us and said our daughter would go to work. My daughter said that I would like to discuss with the family, after the discussion and then make a decision. Liu Shuqin said, they were returned to Lanzhou in January 13, 2015, January 14th with a diagnosis that Liu Lingli and the related medical material to the school, to find the personnel department of post College at the Yangtze River, fill the formalities leave. Liu Lingli’s mother, Liu Shuqin, the director asked me what was wrong with your daughter? I just copied my daughter’s medical records in Beijing. She watched, I gave her her not to leave. She said that their school a radish a pit, next semester we also lack English teacher, we also want to recruit English teacher. And I know your daughter is very good. Your daughter wants to come to work. We give priority to your daughter. Shortly thereafter, Liu Lingli received a LanZhou JiaoTong University post college file, the content is Liu Lingli because of long-term absenteeism was dismissed, termination of labor relations. The document was signed on January 19, 2015, Chen Ling, who is the dean of Bowen college. Chen Ling, Dean of the LanZhou JiaoTong University School of post: 2015 January 15 or so, because the school at the end of the year to carry out the assessment of the staff, this department has proposed from teacher Liu Lingli to leave now, more than half a year to the school to work, seriously affects the teaching. Because the preparation of so much, the teacher’s class can not be completed. Around January 15, 2015, the formation of the office of the president decided to determine the solution相关的主题文章: