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The supreme law answer the reporter: why Jia Jinglong "sin the death" original title: the highest law Jia Jinglong intentional homicide death penalty case question reporters recently approved by the Supreme People’s court guilty of intentional homicide defendant Jia Jinglong to death, has been widespread concern in the community. What is the truth of the case? Jia Jinglong why the crime should be executed? Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed on the relevant issues of the Supreme People’s Court of the three person in charge. Q: what is the truth about Jia Jinglong’s murder? Answer: the Supreme People’s court approved the death penalty against Jia Jinglong, is in strict accordance with the law, in the first and second instance verdict, the facts, evidence and applicable law decided to conduct a comprehensive review of verification, and in the interrogation Jia Jinglong, listen to the opinions of the lawyer made. The basic facts of the case are as follows: the case of the defendant Jia Jinglong Department of North Camp Village in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang city Changan District villagers, their parents living together in the Village South Road No. 6. In November 28, 2009, the villagers Congress vote, decided to carry out the demolition and renovation of North Village, and in 2010 6 monthly report by the Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s government approved. Demolition work by the north high camp village unified planning, according to the same standard implementation. In November 10, 2010, the South China Road No. 6 – Jia Tongqing (Jia Jinglong’s father) signed with the village agreed to the relocation agreement, according to the agreement, from the village to obtain a set of cheap housing replacement housing, a move away from home. But Jia Jinglong refused to listen to his parents and his girlfriend did not persuade et al, disagree from home relocation. May 7, 2013, north high camp village in accordance with the unified demolition plan and prior to the demolition of the agreement signed with the father of Jia Jia Jia Tongqing, the demolition of the old home of the implementation of the Jia Tongqing, resulting in conflict between the two sides. Jia Jinglong then Secretary of the village Party branch secretary and village committee director He Jianhua resentment, and premeditated revenge on the implementation of Mr He Jianhua. In October 2014, Jia Jinglong bought a three gun, a pistol and ammunition nail, the nail gun was modified, test, make nail gun can be directly fired, nail can penetrate a centimeter thick plank. February 19, 2015 (Lunar New Year) at 4 pm, Jia Jinglong drove to the North Camp village to hold the Spring Festival gathering will be the venue, will walk back to the car rental office in the vicinity of the venue after. On the morning of 9 pm, Jia Jinglong from the rental office to carry three nail gun and a identified gun simulation pistol, came to the celebration of Spring Festival meeting, held a nail gun toward the public from the rostrum to the people worship the year come to afterbrain under the stage where the shooting nail through ho Jianhua. Jianhua craniocerebral craniocerebral injury induced by He Jianhua. After committing the crime, Jia Jinglong driving the car parked in the vicinity of the scene to escape the scene. Villagers Zhang Ruiguo tried to intercept, Jia Jinglong refused to stop and drive to the collision of Zhang Ruiguo. Jin Qingkun, He Zhihui, He Zhixuan, et al. The villagers rushed car chase, and Jia Jinglong will be driving the car hit the stop. Jia Jinglong shouted off after the arrest, to arrest the guns to intimidate the villagers, and the villagers in a shot. After the villagers will catch Jia Jinglong uniforms, police arrived and arrested Jia Jinglong. Star相关的主题文章: