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The subway seat dispute   two Nanjing women’s clawed male passengers face — Jiangsu window — original title: the subway seat dispute two woman scratched face male passenger version F3: morning of the muck cars running red lights cars ran out of the top 20 meters at 7 yesterday morning, the Nanjing subway line. Two female passengers and a male passenger seat because altercation, and then escalated into a physical confrontation, the male passenger 55 year old Kim was two female passengers pushing, the face was scratched. Police intervention, the two sides reached an understanding. During the morning peak hours, a line originating station Maigaoqiao station overcrowding. Female passengers Wang and Chen two peers, the train arrived, Wang first burst into the car, not only to sit down, but also with a bag to Chen accounted for a seat. At this time, the male passenger Kim saw the empty seat, then allowing no explanation to sit down. The two sides dispute. At this time, squeezed from the crowd Chen also joined the quarrel. Kim excited, even with gestures said, Wang and Chen mistook each other to do, immediately pushed back Kim, the crowded compartment was chaotic. We stand in Zhujianglu Road to accept the deal, a slight scratch Kim face, and two female passengers also turn pale. Police learned that the male passenger Kim, 55 years old, Zhejiang, Nanjing, an engineer of the power system; the two female passengers Wang and Chen is Anhui, less than 30 years old, working in a Kokusai Hotel. After a period of calm, coupled with the criticism and education of the police, the three have revealed a sense of regret, the two sides eventually apologized to each other to reach an understanding. (Dee Xuan Gu Yuansen) (commissioning editor Ma Xiaobo and Zhang Yan)相关的主题文章: