The robber stole 3000 yuan in cash Burglary self-help after the leg injuries rainlendar

The robber stabbed leg Burglary "self-help" stole 3000 yuan in cash after the robber smashed the glass door at the crime, theft supermarket money, but was stabbed legs, the blood flow in montreal. He limped to the side of the container, use the towel to wipe the wound. When the owner got up early to open the door, saw the blood everywhere…… September 17th 1 am, a supermarket in Shenyang District of Tiexi City Jingxing street and eleven Road intersection, a black man bent to the ground to pick up a stone at the glass door! This stone will hit a glass door on the diameter of nearly 1 meters of the hole. "Black man" from the hole in the glass to drill inside. In video surveillance, the reporter noted that the original flexible legs "men in black", after entering the supermarket was lame. The original supermarket door glass debris scratched his left leg and left foot, ground more and more blood. "Men in black" bent, limped to the shelf. He turned to a white towel, squat down to wipe the leg wound. In the treatment of wounds, the man stubbornly went to the cashier, pulls out 3000 yuan in cash hides into the pocket, a mobile phone model is also smooth away in the cupboard. Supermarket owner Ms. Cheng said that the day of the incident, she drank a little wine on the early closed, go upstairs to sleep. The thief hit the glass into the theft, she did not know. When she got up in the morning ready to open the door, only to find the supermarket was stolen, not only the collection desk was looted, there is a white towel on the ground covered with blood. Onlookers told reporters: "the scene was made quite large, burglary got blood all over the floor, we thought the armed assault. Then look at the monitor to know, it turned out that the thief to hurt himself." Enthusiastic people will suspect the crime video screenshot to the Internet, called on businesses to pay attention to safety, and hope to be able to find clues. According to the video monitoring showed that the suspect is about 1.75 meters tall, slim, wearing a black short sleeved shirt, dark trousers and white shoes, insiders said, had seen in other businesses were smashed theft monitoring this man. Tiexi police are investigating the case further. Liaoshen Evening News reporter Kang Kefeng Shen, chat client相关的主题文章: